An Ecological Perspective on Health Promotion Systems, Settings and Social Processes
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Editors: Bente Wold, Oddrun Samdal

An Ecological Perspective on Health Promotion Systems, Settings and Social Processes

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ISBN: 978-1-60805-564-7 (Print)
ISBN: 978-1-60805-341-4 (Online)
Year of Publication: 2012
DOI: 10.2174/97816080534141120101


This e-book adds a new dimension to currently available text in health promotion by applying examples from evaluation studies to explore basic health promotion principles. It thus goes beyond single case study descriptions. The volume intricately blends an ecological approach with social science.

A multiple settings approach is extensively covered by analyzing participants’ perceptions of the family, leisure and school settings. Chapters of this volume also present intervention data aiming at promoting participants’ perceptions and empowerment in the settings. Furthermore, the e-book covers several topic areas central to health promotion, such as life satisfaction, health behaviours (tobacco, physical activity) and health complaints and body image. Another central principle in health promotion, namely development of healthy public policy is covered including descriptions about how health promotion policies are influenced by national and international political developments. This historical perspective adds to the current knowledge of how to establish and develop policies as a basis for all health promotion actions.


- Pp. i
Lawrence W. Green
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- Pp. ii
Bente Wold, Oddrun Samdal
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iii-v (3)
Bente Wold, Oddrun Samdal
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Introduction to Health Promotion

- Pp. 3-10 (8)
Oddrun Samdal, Bente Wold
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From Associations to Processes

- Pp. 11-16 (6)
Maurice B. Mittelmark
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Health Behaviour in Context

- Pp. 17-33 (17)
Leif Edvard Aaro, Alan John Flisher
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National Objectives-Local Practice: Implementation of Health Promotion Policies

- Pp. 34-39 (6)
Elisabeth Fosse
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Relationship Education to Promote Family Health

- Pp. 40-47 (8)
Frode Thuen, Oystein Mortensen
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School as a Resource or Risk to Students’ Subjective Health and Well-Being

- Pp. 48-59 (12)
Oddrun Samdal, Torbjorn Torsheim
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Depressive Symptoms During Adolescence: Gender Differences and the Role of Body Image

- Pp. 60-66 (7)
Ingrid Holsen
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Social Influence Processes on Adolescents Health Behaviours

- Pp. 67-77 (11)
Bente Wold
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Norwegian Health Promotion Policy: The Pendulum Swings from 1984 to 2007

- Pp. 78-84 (7)
Elisabeth Fosse
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The Ecology of Health Promotion

- Pp. 85-89 (5)
Maurice B. Mittelmark, Bente Wold, Oddrun Samdal
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Subject index

- Pp. 90-92 (3)
Bente Wold, Oddrun Samdal
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