Bentham Science Publishers (BSP) offers the following additional services to Book editors /authors and chapter authors at the time of finalization of the Book proofs.

1. Reprints

High quality printed reprints and e-prints of published chapters are available for purchase, if ordered, with a minimum number of 100 reprints or e-prints.

2. Author Fee-Based Open Access Books

These are freely available to download and view to potentially a very large audience world-wide, thereby having a much greater impact than conventional subscription-based printed or online Books. The upfront charge for publishing a single open access Book is US$ 23 per published page of the first 200 pages and US$ 17 for all additional pages above the first 200 pages.

3. Fast Track Open Access Chapter Publication

This option allows chapter author(s) / contributor(s) of an Book to have their chapter published as an open access chapter after it has been carefully reviewed and approved by the editor even before the complete Book is finalized and published. Chapters published as Fast Track Open Access will be published within 15 working days from receipt of payment and written consent from the Book editor (whichever is later). For any chapter to be published as Open Access it is a pre-condition that there are no errors in English grammar nor any plagiarism. Before the chapter is considered for Fast Track Open Access publication, the Book editor must also confirm that he has reviewed the chapter for scientific contents and considers it suitable for publication.

The fee for "FAST TRACK Open Access" publication is US $ 26 per page. The chapter will be replaced by its modified version if any modifications are made therein, as advised by reviewers. Chapter authors who opt for the Fast Track Open Access option do not have to pay figure improvement charges if any figure improvement is required.

4. Limited Open Access

Book editors or contributing authors may choose to publish their chapter(s) with BSP at a reduced fee for a limited open access period. For open access publication for a period of either six months or two months (limited open access option) the per page open access fee is US$ 12 or US$ 6 respectively.

5. Promotional Services

BSP offers the following promotional services to editors /authors and chapter authors at the time of finalization of the Book proofs.

1. Option to highlight your Book/chapter on the Book’s Home page:

You may opt to publicize the abstract of your Book Chapter at Bentham's Book homepage at US$ 120 per month or US$ 490 for 6 months.

2. Option to publish your institution’s advertisement on the Book’s Home page:

Institutions/universities can publish online banner advertisements (e.g. for a job vacancy) at the e-book home page at US$ 290 per month.

3. Order the Print edition for your institution (bulk order discount available):

The Institution's library / colleagues of authors/ editors may order a certain number of printed copies at a discounted price:

- 15% off for 10-99 printed books

- 30% off for 100 or more printed books;

4. Discounts for Bentham Book Authors / Editors:

Bentham Book contributors can get a 30% discount on all published Books in our catalog.

6. Open Access Book Reviews

Publishers are invited to first contact the review editor/editor-in-chief stating the title of the Book, date of publication and Book summary via email at There is no fee to publish Book reviews. In this connection, we recommend submitting the manuscript in Microsoft Word document format (version 2000 and above).