FAQ(s) about Read and Search Books

In which format are Books available?

All Books are available in PDF, ePub and PRC format.

Do I get free online access to my Book publications?

Authors can get free access of their own content.

What happens to the Book when I'm done reading it?

Since you own the Book, once you have read it you can store it in the Library that is included with the Acrobat Book Reader

How can I get Book reader software?

Bentham Books available as PDF format require Acrobat Book reader which is readily available on the adobe official website www.adobe.com

How much does the Acrobat Book Reader cost?

The Acrobat Book Reader is free of cost.

What is the difference between Adobe Acrobat Reader and the Acrobat Book Reader?

Acrobat Reader works well for all documents, while the Acrobat Book Reader is designed specifically for Books. The Acrobat Book Reader has all the functionality of the Acrobat Reader, plus it has annotation and bookmarking capabilities as well as enhancements such as display rotation for laptop computers and a built-in dictionary.

What is an ePub file?

Epub Files have the extension .epub. also known as open format. EPUB is designed for reflowable content that is, the EPUB reader can optimize text for a particular display device according to the screen size. EPUB also supports fixed-layout content.

What are the advantages of having an Book available in ePUB format?

Here are a few of the major merits of the ePUB format:

Open format:

Unlike some other popular Book formats, ePub is an open standard tool which means that it can be used by everyone; from individual authors to major publishers. The open format of ePub is a prime reason for its popularity apart from the superlative functionality that it offers.

Text reflow possible:

ePub also has a unique reflow feature which allows the Books to fit the size of the screen on which they are viewed on. So, whether you are using a 10.1 inch iPad or a 3.5 inch cell phone screen, you will be able to read it. When using Books published in the ePub format, small screen users do not have to constantly zoom in and out and scroll constantly, while large screen users will be able to read faster as there will be more words on the screen at a time.


ePub exhibits superior compatibility which has not been seen in any other current Book format including the ever popular PDF.

Another advantage is that ePub is delivered in a single zip folder in which an archive is created to store the organizational and content files for an Book.

What do I need to submit to Bentham Science Publishers to have my e-Book available in ePub Format?

There is no special requirement. You need to submit the Book in MS Word with all figures, diagrams, tables and charts inserted in the correct location and with suitable captions. Additionally, all figures and diagrams must be provided separately as specified in our Author Guidelines.

Can I print and copy my Books?

Bentham Books have their own established guidelines for fair usage of published Books in order to protect copyrights such as that how much of their Books can be printed or copied. These permissions may differ from Book to Book. For example, some of the free Books will have no restrictions on copying and printing, while in other cases publisher might give users the ability to print/copy several pages of an Book within a set period of time.

How does one search for a Bentham Book?

You can either visit Bookshelf by Title or simply use search titles via the search facility available on the Book website. Search can be made either on entire Book or a chapter through title, ISBN, author/editor, discipline and type of Book via a search tool.


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