FAQ(s) about Introduction of Bentham Books

What are Books?

Books published electronically or digitally, which can be downloaded, read and printed immediately at some cost. You can create and save your own Books library in your PC, Laptop and handheld device.

What are Bentham Books?

Bentham Books is a comprehensive program, which covers a broad range of scientific disciplines featuring the following:

  • Variety of Books such as monographs, handbooks, proceedings, textbooks, review volumes.

  • Offering both Online and Printed versions for publishing.

  • No processing fee involved.

  • Instant and easy access to your contents for a wider audience.

  • Packages/discounts for librarians.

  • Open access facility at an affordable fee.

  • IP-based access via EurekaSelect for libraries and institutions.

What subject areas are covered under Bentham Books program?

Bentham Books program covers all major disciplines of natural and social sciences and information technology.

Why to choose the Book format?

  • To save time: you can download and read your Books immediately.

  • To save money: no handling or delivery charges.

  • To save space on your bookshelf.

  • Convenient for frequent travelers.

  • You can highlight and add notes to your Books.

  • Books allow you to search for keywords / topics of particular interest to you.

Where can I get more information about Bentham Books?

Please visit to http://benthambooks.com to get more information.

Are there any page charges for publishing with Bentham Books?

No page charges will be levied to editor/authors for the publication of their Book/chapter unless it is an Open Access publication.


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