Editor: Kuo Hung Huang

Series Title: Telecommunication

Changing Humanities and Smart Application of Digital Technologies

Volume 1

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Year of Publication: 2017
DOI: 10.2174/97816810840771170101


Changing Humanities and Smart Application of Digital Technologies is a collection of research articles relevant to digital humanities (the use of technology to advance our understanding of the humanities). A key aim of this volume is to demonstrate the potential of using computer technology to creating new humanistic knowledge-based systems through innovative applications. Readers will learn about applications in digital humanities through 11 chapters which explore a variety of computer applications in education and social research. Topics covered in the volume range from the role of internet in understanding, to the more technical domains of GIS and mobile device applications in studying religion, literature, geography, history and games. This volume is a useful reference for scholars and graduate students involved in humanities and social science research, as it provides readers with creative insights into digital technology applications to build on their research goals.


- Pp. i
David Tein-Yaw Chung
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- Pp. ii-iv (3)
Kuo Hung Huang
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List of Contributors

- Pp. v
Kuo Hung Huang
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E-research Acceptance and Humanities Community

- Pp. 3-8 (6)
Kuo-Hung Huang
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Feng Shui and Technology: Case Studies of Spatial Information Applications

- Pp. 9-23 (15)
Kuo-Hung Huang, Ching-Ching Cheng
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Application of GIS in the Teaching of “Shi-Ji“- <Huaiyin Hou Biography> as an Example

- Pp. 24-38 (15)
Jung-Tao Tsai, Pei-Lun Lee
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Effect of Grid Space Resolution on Historical Data Analysis

- Pp. 39-53 (15)
Pei-Lun Lee, Hsin-Chun Liu
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Visualizing Place Connection: Application of GIS in Turmoil History Research

- Pp. 54-67 (14)
Hsin-Chun Liu, Pei-Lun Lee
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Developing Non-Playing Network Applications for Japanese Chess

- Pp. 68-90 (23)
Hiroyuki Tarumi, Ryu Miura, Toshiki Kinuhata
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An Analysis of the Distributed Leadership Practices in an Elementary School: Focus on the Application of an Official Document Information System

- Pp. 91-111 (21)
Chin Tu Liang
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E-Knowledge Consortium Shikoku: E-Learning Activities on Local University Alliance

- Pp. 112-136 (25)
Toshihiro Hayashi
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Information Technology is Changing People's Transactive Memory

- Pp. 137-157 (21)
Kuang-Ting Cheng
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Using Picture Book Apps to Assist Children’s Heritage Language Self-Learing

- Pp. 158-174 (17)
Yu-Ching Yeh, Hsiang-Ju Ho, Ming-Chung Chen
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Issues of Communication Behavior on Using Internet

- Pp. 175-192 (18)
Su Chong Chuang
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Subject Index

- Pp. 193-198 (6)
Kuo Hung Huang
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.Changing Landscapes in Urban British Churchyards.
.The Rights of Minorities: Cultural Groups, Migrants, Displaced Persons and Sexual Identity.
.Human Rights Issues and Vulnerable Groups.