Editor: Ashish Anand

Series Title: Frontiers in Arthritis

Management of Osteoarthritis - A holistic view

Volume 1

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ISBN: 978-1-68108-352-0 (Print)
ISBN: 978-1-68108-351-3 (Online)
Year of Publication: 2017
DOI: 10.2174/97816810835131170101


Frontiers in Arthritis is an ebook series devoted to publishing the latest and the most important advances in arthritis research. Each volume brings together contributions from rheumatologists ad orthopedic specialists on the diagnosis, management and treatment of arthritis. The series also puts a focus on strategies for managing pain in patients in both pre and post operative situations.

Management of Osteoarthritis - A holistic view provides information about osteoarthritis of the knee and hip. Chapters explain osteoarthritis pathology and therapy (nutritional, exercise and surgical). The volume also covers different therapies such as viscosupplementation, platelet rich plasma injections, biologicals (amniotic membranes) and surgical options aimed at alleviating pain. The book is an ideal quick reference guide for medical students and nursing staff.


Osteoarthritis is known enigma for Orthopedic Surgeons and it continues to be amongst the most important cause of chronic pain and disability. It is estimated that around 6 billion dollars/year are spent alone on management of this epidemic.

The purpose of this monograph is to offer the reader treatment options available for the management of osteoarthritis of knee and hip. If one reviews the current spectrum of literature available to, it becomes clear that there is a large body of literature in which the patient has to sort through with varying degree of scientific evidence, making anyone embarking on this Journey a difficult and conducing one. This Monograph provides an in depth analysis of the Pathology, Role of Nutrition and Exercise in treatment of arthritis there by offering a unique perspective to the Reader.

The book also provides insights into Role of injectables such as Platelet rich plasma and Viscosupplementation and elaborates on the Role of Amniofix- stem cells from the Amnion and Chorion in the treatment of Osteoarthritis. Finally, the book presents a number of surgical options for the reader that have had an established place for decades in the field of surgical arthritis such as Osteotomy, Arthroscopy and Replacement surgery.

Dr Ashish Anand, MD has done a commendable Job in editing the manuscript. This book is a good read for Medical students, residents in training and the busy practitioner.

Khaled J. Saleh MD, MSc, FRCS©, MHCM,
President Orthopaedic Education
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Springfield,
Illinois, USA