Editor: Rasit O. Topaloglu

Recent Topics on Modeling of Semiconductor Processes, Devices, and Circuits

Volume 1

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Year of Publication: 2011
DOI: 10.2174/97816080507411110101


The last couple of years have been very busy for the semiconductor industry and researchers. The rapid speed of production channel length reduction has brought lithographic challenges to semiconductor modeling. These include stress optimization, transistor reliability and efficient circuit design with respect to interconnects, power and leakage at the chip level. This e-book focuses on the latest semiconductor techniques devised to address these issues. It should be a useful resource for electronic engineers and semiconductor chip designers.


- Pp. i-iii (3)
Andrew B. Kahng
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- Pp. iv
Rasit O. Topaloglu, Peng Li
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List of Contributors

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Rasit O. Topaloglu, Peng Li
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Rasit O. Topaloglu, Peng Li
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A Brief Overview of Lithographic Advancements in the Last Decade with a Focus on Double Patterning

- Pp. 3-20 (18)
Jongwook Kye, Rasit O. Topaloglu
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Interconnect Variability and Performance Analysis

- Pp. 21-39 (19)
Rasit Onur Topaloglu, Zhuo Feng, Peng Li
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Compact Modeling for NBTI and CHC Effects

- Pp. 40-60 (21)
Wenping Wang, Vijay Reddy, Srikanth Krishnan, Yu Cao
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Probability Propagation and Yield Optimization for Analog Circuits

- Pp. 61-80 (20)
Rasit O. Topaloglu, Guo Yu, Peng Li
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Compact Modeling of Engineered Strain

- Pp. 81-119 (39)
Richard Q. Williams
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Chip-Level Statistical Leakage Modeling and Analysis

- Pp. 120-148 (29)
Sheldon X.-D. Tan, Ruijing Shen
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Mathematical Method for VLSI Thermal Simulation at the System and Circuit Levels

- Pp. 149-166 (18)
Dongkeun Oh, Charlie Chung Ping Chen, Yu Hen Hu
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Noise-Driven In-Package Decoupling Capacitor Optimization for Power Integrity

- Pp. 167-188 (22)
Yiyu Shi, Hao Yu, Lei He
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- Pp. 189-191 (3)
Rasi Onur Topaloglu, Peng Li
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.Solid State & Microelectronics Technology.
.Voltammetry for Sensing Applications.
.Modern Intelligent Instruments - Theory and Application.
.Bipolar Transistor and MOSFET Device Models.
.Intelligent Technologies for Research and Engineering.
.Intelligent Technologies for Automated Electronic Systems.
.Multistage Interconnection Network Design for Engineers.
. Mechanical Engineering Technologies and Applications Vol. 3.