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Voltammetry for Sensing Applications

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Year of Publication: 2022
DOI: 10.2174/97898150397191220101


Voltammetry for Sensing Applications familiarizes readers with recent advancements in the field of electrochemical analysis. The book features 16 chapters which cover many applications of voltammetric analysis such as drug testing and analysis, sensors for point-of-care devices, sensors for diverse analysis, advanced energy storage devices, clinical sample analysis, sensors for the detection of heavy metals, nanomaterials, disease detection, immune sensors, food sample analysis, and anti-inflammatory and anticancer drug detection. Many of the current methods of voltammetry offer increased stability, repeatability, high performance, cost-effectiveness, time-saving, sensitivity, and the chapters also cover appropriate applications for the sensing tools and methodologies which are imperative in electrochemical, environment, biological, medicinal, and food safety analysis.

This informative reference serves as a timely and comprehensive update on voltammetry and sensing materials for chemistry scholars and industrial chemists alike.

Audience: Students of chemistry, applied chemistry, electrochemistry and allied disciplines, researchers and professionals.


- Pp. i
J.G. Manjunatha
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List of Contributors

- Pp. ii-vi (5)

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Advanced Sensor Materials for Drug Analysis

- Pp. 1-63 (63)
Hanaa S. El-Desoky*
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Functionalized Nanomaterial-Based Electrochemical Sensors for Point-of-Care Devices

- Pp. 64-102 (39)
İsmail Mert ALKAÇ, Ramazan BAYAT, Muhammed BEKMEZCİ, Fatih ŞEN*
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Voltammetric Sensors for Diverse Analysis

- Pp. 103-116 (14)
Agnes Chinecherem Nkele, Fabian I. Ezema*
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Methyl Orange Electropolymerized Composite Carbon Paste Electrode as a Sensitive and Selective Sensor for the Electrochemical Determination of Riboflavin

- Pp. 117-133 (17)
Amrutha B. Monnappa, J. G. Manjunatha*, Aarti S. Bhatt, Akshatha Nemumoolya, Sharmila B. Medappa, Geethanjali N. Karthammaiah
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A Modified Nanostructured Gd-WO3, Sensing Interface Morphology, their Voltammetric Determination and Applications in Advanced Energy Storage Devices

- Pp. 134-157 (24)
Vinayak Adimule*, Basappa C. Yallur, Debdas Bhowmik, Santosh S. Nandi
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Optimised Voltammetric Approaches for Clinical Sample Analysis

- Pp. 158-176 (19)
Gnanesh Rao, Raghu Ningegowda, B. P. Nandeshwarappa, Kiran Kumar Mudnakudu-Nagaraju, M. B Siddesh, Sandeep Chandrashekharappa*
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Recent Advances on Electrochemical Sensors for Detection and Analysis of Heavy Metals

- Pp. 177-214 (38)
Monima Sarma*
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Electrochemical, Sensing and Environmental Assessments of CuFe2O4/ZnO Nanocomposites Synthesized via Azadirachta Indica Plant Extract

- Pp. 215-229 (15)
B. S. Surendra*, N. Raghavendra, H. P. Nagaswarupa*, T. R. Shashi Shekhar, S. C. Prashantha
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Advanced Sensor Materials for the Simultaneous Voltammetric Determination of Antihypertensive Drugs: An Overview

- Pp. 230-258 (29)
Carlos Alberto Rossi Salamanca-Neto, Bruna Coldibeli, Erison Pereira de Abreu, Gabriel Junquetti Mattos, Gabriel Rainer Pontes Manrique, Jessica Scremin, Natalia Sayuri Matunaga Campos, Débora Nobile Clausen, Elen Romão Sartori*
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Voltammetric Applications in Anti-inflammatory Drug Detection

- Pp. 259-280 (22)
B. P. Sanjay, D. N. Varun, S. Sandeep, C. S. Karthik, A. S. Santhosh, P. Mallu, Nagaraja Sreeharsha*
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Voltammetric Applications in Drug Detection: Mini Review

- Pp. 281-305 (25)
G. Krishnaswamy*, G. Shivaraja, S. Sreenivasa*, Aruna Kumar D. B
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Voltammetric Application in Detection of Anticancer Drug

- Pp. 306-324 (19)
Shankar Ashok Itagi, M. H. Chethana, P. Manikanta, S. Sandeep*, C. S. Karthik, A. S. Santhosh, K. S. Nithin, Kumara Swamy N. K., P. Mallu
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Voltammetric Studies of Dyes and their Role as Carbon Electrode Modifiers

- Pp. 325-338 (14)
Shefali Sharma, Anup Pandith, Shankramma Kalikeri, Nagaraja Sreeharsha, Gururaj Kudur Jayaprakash*
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Advanced Voltammetric Devices for Disease Detection

- Pp. 339-351 (13)
P. Sophiya, Deepadarshan Urs, Rajkumar S. Meti, H. A. Nagma Banu, J Shankar, K. K. Dharmappa*
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Advanced Materials for Immune Sensors

- Pp. 352-366 (15)
A.H. Sneharani*
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Subject Index

- Pp. 367-375 (9)

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