Editors: Shanthipriya Ajmera, B. Bhima, Krishnappa M., Ramchander Merugu

Series Title: Mycology: Current and Future Developments

Sustainable Utilization of Fungi in Agriculture and Industry

Volume 4

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ISBN: 978-981-5040-35-7 (Print)
ISBN: 978-981-5040-34-0 (Online)
Year of Publication: 2022
DOI: 10.2174/97898150403401220401


Sustainable Utilization of Fungi in Agriculture and Industry covers current knowledge about of different fungal microorganisms, including economically important filamentous fungi and yeasts. 22 chapters summarize recent information about scientific investigations and the application of fungi in the production of industrial enzymes, organic acids (citric acid, lactic acid, etc.), biofuel (ethanol, H2 gas) and bioactive compounds for sustainable processes in agriculture, bioremediation, industries and therapeutics.

Each chapter gives an updated and detailed account of knowledge on fungal microbes and their sustainable utilization in agriculture, white biotechnology, and other valuable industrial applications. Contributions are made by academic and professional experts in mycology and industrial biotechnology, presenting a broad perspective of the field in a simple, yet engaging style.

Sustainable Utilization of Fungi in Agriculture and Industry is an informative reference for general readers, trainees, interested in sustainability measures in agriculture and industry. It also serves as reading materials for scholars, students and teachers involved in botany, microbiology, biotechnology and life sciences courses.

Audience: General readers, trainees, interested in sustainability measures in agriculture and industry; scholars, students and teachers involved in botany, microbiology, biotechnology and life sciences courses.


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T. Satyanarayana
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Shanthipriya Ajmera, Krishnappa M., Ramchander Merugu, B. Bhima
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Shanthipriya Ajmera
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List of Contributors

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The Versatile Potential of Fungi in Human Life

- Pp. 1-14 (14)
Divya Ajmeera*, Gokul Shankar Sabesan, Shanthipriya Ajmera
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Mycobiota - Role in Soil Health and as Biocontrol Agent

- Pp. 15-34 (20)
S. Vanitha*, A. Sai Padma
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Fungi Role in Soil Fertility

- Pp. 35-51 (17)
Arnav Walia, Debarati Paul*, Soma Mukherjee, Madhusudhan Reddy D.
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The Symbiotic Relationship Between Fungi and Plants

- Pp. 52-74 (23)
Souvik Roy*, Lopamudra Choudhury
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Fungi and their Importance in Sustainable Agriculture

- Pp. 75-98 (24)
N. Rajesh, A. Shiva Shankar, P. Osman Basha*
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Plant Growth-promoting Fungi: Mechanisms and Applications

- Pp. 99-122 (24)
S. Sreedevi*, P. Padmalatha, Anjana Shukla
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Mycorrhizae as Bioinoculants and their Molecular Studies

- Pp. 123-133 (11)
Sanjeev Kumar K, Revathi Desai, Pavan Kumar Pindi*
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Mushroom Cultivation Using Agricultural Wastes

- Pp. 134-148 (15)
M. Krishnappa*, R. Kantharaja, M. Puneeth
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Fungi: An Environment-friendly Approach for the Growth of Plants

- Pp. 149-158 (10)
Aparna B. Gunjal*
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Fungal Metabolites: Industrial Applications and Challenges

- Pp. 159-201 (43)
Amol Sawant, Hemlata Sajwan, Koteswara Rao V*
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Microbiome Perspective: Multisectorial Exploitations of Chitinases

- Pp. 202-219 (18)
Bhagwan Rekadwad*, Juan M. Gonzalez, Sujit Shah, Mangesh Vasant Suryavanshi, Chandrahasya N. Khobragade, Ashish Janraoji Warghane
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Fungal Pectinases

- Pp. 220-237 (18)
Soma Mrudula*
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Commercial Fungal Exopolysaccharides: Botryosphaeran, Pullulan, and Scleroglucan

- Pp. 238-254 (17)
Valerie Gonsalves*, Sheryanne Velho Pereira
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Biotechnological Production of Various Fungal Metabolites and their Applications in White Biotechnology

- Pp. 255-286 (32)
Bhima Bhukya*, Chandrasekhar Banoth, Praveen K. Keshav, MD. Saddam Hussain, Shanthipriya Ajmera
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Marine Fungal Metabolites: Source of Nextgeneration Antibiotics for Human Microbial Pathogens

- Pp. 287-299 (13)
Immanuel Suresh. J*, Abinayalakshmi S
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Mycosynthesis of Nanoparticles and their Applications

- Pp. 300-327 (28)
A. Shiva Shanker, N. Rajesh, Pindi Pavan Kumar*
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Fungal Mediated Synthesis of Nanoparticles: Characterization and Bioapplications

- Pp. 328-358 (31)
G. Bhagavanth Reddy, D. Ramakrishna, S. Kondaiah, K. Girija Mangatayaru*
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Thermophilic Fungi and their Applications in Biotechnology

- Pp. 359-383 (25)
Santoshkumar Jayagoudar, Ch Ramesh, Pradeep Kumar, Aditya Banyal, Bhagwan Rekadwad, Ramchander Merugu, Tiina Nõges, Rahul Kumar*
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Biodegradation of Plastic by Fungi

- Pp. 384-401 (18)
Dibyajit Lahiri, Moupriya Nag, Sougata Ghosh, Rina Rani Ray*
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Red Oleaginous Yeast: Powerhouse of Basidiomycetes

- Pp. 402-411 (10)
Sweta Sinha, Arshad Jawed, Madhusudhan Reddy D., Debarati Paul*
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Mycoremediation of Synthetic and Xenobiotic Compounds

- Pp. 412-429 (18)
Debashree Borthakur*
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Bioremediation of Cypermethrin by Fungi

- Pp. 430-446 (17)
Vrushali Wagh*, Nafisa Patel, Bharatkumar Sapkal, Shanthipriya Ajmera
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Subject Index

- Pp. 447-466 (20)

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