Editors: Celile Aylin Oluk, Oya Berkay Karaca

Series Title: Current Developments in Food and Nutrition Research

Traditional Cheeses from Selected Regions in Asia, Europe, and South America

Volume 1

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ISBN: 978-981-14-3235-4 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2019
DOI: 10.2174/97898114323611200101


This book serves as a treatise on lesser known ethnic varieties of cheese made in regions ranging from Mesopotamia to Europe and America. Cheese experts from different countries including Brazil, Croatia, Iran, Macedonia, Montenegro and Turkey bring together a rich blend of information about the traditional cheese in each region. The contributors describe the chemical and microbial characteristics, production technology and artisan culture of cheese making for each local variety.

The simple and systematic presentation of the information makes this a useful reference for a wide readership interested in food, dairy technology, and gastronomy, such as producers, consumers, academics and students. The book also represents an effort to bring forth knowledge about a culinary facet of the concrete cultural heritage of local communities which can benefit tourism and sustainability programs that involve the promotion of traditional dairy products.


- Pp. i-ii (1)
Celile Aylin Oluk, Oya Berkay Karaca
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iii-iv (2)
Celile Aylin Oluk, Oya Berkay Karaca
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Characteristics of Traditional Cheeses Produced in the Republic of North Macedonia

- Pp. 1-52 (52)
Natasha Mateva, Vesna Levkov, Sonja Srbinovska, Dushica Santa, Sandra Mojsova, Erhan Sulejmani*
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Montenegrin Traditional Cheeses

- Pp. 53-70 (18)
Slavko Mirecki*, Kirdar Seval Sevgi
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Traditional Cheese Maturing in Lambskin Sacks from Dalmatian Region

- Pp. 71-83 (13)
Jadranka Frece*, Deni Kostelac, Marija Vrdoljak, Iva Čanak, Željko Jakopović, Marko Jelić, Ksenija Markov
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Brazilian Traditional Cheeses

- Pp. 84-129 (46)
Maria C. E. Ribeiro*, Débora P. Baptista, Mayara S. Queirós, Karina S. Chaves, Oya B. Karaca
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Manufacturing Method and Physicochemical Properties of Lighvan and Koozeh (Koopeh) Cheeses

- Pp. 130-141 (12)
Mostafa Soltani*
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Traditional Cheeses of Marmara Region in Turkey

- Pp. 142-169 (28)
Nayil Dinkci*
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Traditional Turkish Cheeses of Black Sea Region

- Pp. 170-198 (29)
Selin Kalkan*, Evrim Gunes Altuntas
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Traditional Cheeses of Eastern Anatolia Region in Turkey

- Pp. 199-230 (32)
Asli Çelikel*, Mutlu Buket Akin, Semra Gürbüz
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Traditional Cheeses in Southeastern Anatolia Region in Turkey

- Pp. 231-253 (23)
Mutlu Buket Akin*, Musa Serdar Akin
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Traditional Cheeses of the Central Anatolia Region in Turkey

- Pp. 254-276 (23)
Ebru Şenel*, Tuba Şanli
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Traditional Cheeses of the Aegean Region in Turkey

- Pp. 277-306 (30)
Cem Karagözlü*, İlyas Erdem Tonguç
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Traditional Cheeses of Mediterranean Region in Turkey

- Pp. 307-336 (30)
Oya Berkay Karaca, Tansu Taspinar*, Mehmet Güven
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Microbiological Quality of Traditional Turkish Cheeses

- Pp. 337-362 (26)
Zerrin Erginkaya*, Gözde Konuray, Mihriban Korukluoğlu
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Subject Index

- Pp. 363-372 (10)
Celile Aylin Oluk, Oya Berkay Karaca
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