Author: Wang Hong

Research on Corporate Environmental Responsibility in China

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ISBN: 978-1-68108-648-4 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2018
DOI: 10.2174/97816810864771180101


The global environmental crisis is a hot issue worldwide which drives discussions among business and social communities aimed at addressing environmental problems. Research on Corporate Environmental Responsibility in China is a survey of how some enterprises in China manage their corporate social and economic responsibilities. The survey is an important reference point for enterprises that wish to maintain sustainable development, for the government to control environmental deterioration, and for the public to maintain a society in harmony with the surrounding environment. The survey is guided by principles of system and dialectical science (SDS). It helps the reader to study Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER) in a more comprehensive and dynamic manner using the basic concepts of systemic and spatiotemporal concepts.

Key Features:

  • - Presents a unique perspective of Chinese academics for the local region
  • - Presents an analysis of the element, structure and function of CER in China.
  • - Focuses on the systematic method and makes empirical analysis of CER in 30 Chinese enterprises.
  • - Puts forward suggestions for CER improvement in the region.
  • - Features research methodology based on historical analysis, comparative analysis and empirical analysis.

This reference serves as a useful guide for business managers, government officials and other stakeholders in China seeking to regulate their environmental policies. Business school teachers and students, will also benefit from the findings presented by the study.


This book aims to discuss the importance of corporate environmental responsibility (CER), and strive to answer these questions: How to view the development of CER in China? How to determine the key work of current CER? How to use the Internet to release environmental information and enable the public to play an active role in participation? If you are reading this preface, you are likely to be the manager, responsible for social relations, public affairs, environmental management of a company; Or perhaps you are a government official, concerned with the implementation and improvement of environmental policies; Or perhaps you are a business school teacher or student, thinking about corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the relevant courses. In this book, you will perceive the spark of thoughts and the perspective of philosophy.

The author has been engaged in the research of CSR and environmental management for more than ten years. Successively, she participated in the 2005 Conference on Environmental Economic Research Center of Fudan University, 2006 Management Case Conference in Renmin University of China, 2008 Chinese and the United States Scholars conference on Management Science and Engineering in Shanghai Jiaotong University, 2008 CSR International Conference in University of Durham UK, 11th Biennial 2010 Conference of the International Society of the Ecological Economics in the University of Oldenburg and Breman in Germany, and 2012 CSR International Conference in Lahti Finland. Gradually, she has a unique insight in the research of CER.

You can learn different aspects from this book. From the research content, the book mainly discusses the theoretical foundation and developing evolution of CSR, the elements, structure and function of CER, CER in developed countries, CER in China, China’s corporate environmental pollution and responsibility analysis, the systematic and scientific analysis of CER and the suggestions for China’s CER improvement; From the research perspective, the system and dialectical perspective is different from the previous economic, social and ethical angles. Based on its views of system, time and space, and progress, CSR is studied in a more complete and dynamical way; From the main stakeholders, this research focuses on the collaborative interaction among enterprises, government and the public. It will help to guide the business managers, government officials and other stakeholders to regulate their environmental behaviors.

Currently, scholars all over the world are concerned about the various phenomena and problems in the development of China and Chinese enterprises. This book is a valuable academic achievement by Chinese scholar in CSR. I hope that the publication of this book will enhance the research level of Chinese scholars in CSR and CER, and the growth of the new generation of Chinese scholars as well. And I believe that the publication of this book will promote the international exchange of Chinese management science research and extend the international influence of Chinese scholars.

Zhu Dajian
Tongji Environmental and Sustainable Development School
Tongji University


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