Author: Mita Thakur

Theories and Theorems (Common Theories and Laws of Physics Explained)

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ISBN: 978-1-60805-998-0 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2014
DOI: 10.2174/97816080596451140101


How do things work? What makes up matter? How large is the universe? The answer to these questions lies in understanding physical phenomena: mechanics, electricity, magnetism, optics and many other phenomena can be explained through theories in physics. Indeed, progress in physics has been crucial for mankind’s technological progress.

Theories and Theorems is an introductory handbook that gives readers a simple explanation of the laws of physics and presents these concepts in a way that stimulates people to think about the how-and-why of this physical world, in which we live.


I am very pleased to have the privilege of writing a foreword for this eBook. Her eBook is explicitly not aimed at students but at everyone who is interested in physics and who wants to expand his toolkit and start speaking the language of physicists.

The eBook covers important laws, theories and theorems which are very important to know: what is the world, where and how we live, what was the past and what will be future? The content is very similar to the book “Elementary Particles and the Laws of Physics” by Richard Phillips Feynman, and Steven Weinberg, It might also remind us of our knowledge of physics. However, what's special about this eBook is that she introduces along the way all the concepts that are needed for general readers with interest in physics. The eBook is really an interesting addition to the vast collection of knowledge and because of its approach towards the general reader; this eBook is quite an achievement.

It can be useful for teenagers, and those who have many questions; because there is a gap in the physics books between high school level and the graduate level Physics students - this eBook can bridge the gap.

However, if you think that this eBook will bring them up to the level of a person having a physics degree, you got it wrong. It's a long way to a deep knowledge of important theories and there are no shortcuts for it. Thakur’s eBook, and the ones that will probably follow, however might be the shortest route, to understand the reality of physics.

I recommend the teenagers, students and the curious readers to enjoy this eBook and use this as a lighter to fire their quest for the knowledge of physics.

N. Jha
B.R.A. Bihar university


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