Author: Mita Thakur

Theories and Theorems (Common Theories and Laws of Physics Explained)

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ISBN: 978-1-60805-998-0 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2014
DOI: 10.2174/97816080596451140101


How do things work? What makes up matter? How large is the universe? The answer to these questions lies in understanding physical phenomena: mechanics, electricity, magnetism, optics and many other phenomena can be explained through theories in physics. Indeed, progress in physics has been crucial for mankind’s technological progress.

Theories and Theorems is an introductory handbook that gives readers a simple explanation of the laws of physics and presents these concepts in a way that stimulates people to think about the how-and-why of this physical world, in which we live.


Science book writers often explain and justify their purposes to the readers through the prefaces of their book. Here only once does the author speak to the reader with an individual voice. After that he or she vanishes from the work. In prefaces, we have the opportunity to gain direct insight into the ideas of science writers.

Waves crashing on the beach, the fluorescent jellyfish, the crystals, the sunlight, earthquake and a sneeze… many questions Snap a photo, and you are done – static electricity at work! This eBook focuses on how physics and its properties are used to make our everyday lives easy. The eBook originated as an attempt to collect the most interesting facts and theories of physics in such a way so as to give the reader a general picture of the basic view of phenomena; as it presents itself to the scientists. Some chapters of the eBook are simple enough to be understood by a teenager whereas others will require more concentration and further study to be completely understood, however, a layman reader will not find any difficulty in reading this eBook.

This eBook is intended for the general reader who has an interest in questioning; it aims to develop an understanding of the important concepts of physics and their applications.

The thought that I should write this eBook has been with me since the moment I started to paint: the question arises.

Why is the sky blue? (p. 85).

My father was a physicist and he told me simply why the sky is blue? And what makes the sunset red? That was quite interesting for me and I decided to study physics. I realized how beautiful and elegant physics is! How small acts have a big concept and a large things have a small theory! I think this eBook will provide an interest about Physics to the readers, which challenges our imaginations with concepts like relativity and string theory, and it leads to great discoveries, like computers and lasers, that lead to technologies which change our lives—from healing joints, to curing cancer and to developing sustainable energy solutions.

I hope that this eBook will help a new generation of scientists and users of new technology to solve complicated problems with greater understanding; and belief that the publication of this eBook will enhance the spread of ideas that tickle the mind.

I want to express my special thanks to my teachers, my tutors and my guide for their extensive help and support.


The author confirms that this eBook contents have no conflict of interest.

Mita Thakur
British Science Association