Editors: Adilson Beatriz, Dênis Pires de Lima

Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Organic Compounds to Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases

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Year of Publication: 2014
DOI: 10.2174/97816080590271140101


The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported 14 diseases that are occurring exclusively in tropical areas. Most of these diseases are infectious and mainly affect poor populations. Some of these diseases include malaria, dengue fever, leishmaniasis and Chagas disease. Therefore, an acute need for increasing the arsenal of drugs is required to fight against these neglected diseases for the guaranteed recovery and relief of many patients.

This E-book gathers important scientific research performed by scientists worldwide showing the state of the art of Medicinal Chemistry dedicated to the synthesis of compounds that are potentially bioactive against the causative agents of neglected diseases.

The contents of this book include chapters on recent advances in synthetic organic compounds for the prevention of Chagas disease, recent advances in the discovery of small organic molecules for the prevention and treatment of dengue fever, leishmaniasis, leprosy, therapeutic arsenal and drug discovery for lymphatic filariasis, therapeutic agents for the treatment of malaria, schistosomiasis and synthetic organic compounds as potential antitubercular drugs.

This book is intended for undergraduate and graduate students in institutes, colleges, universities and academies who want to specialize in the field of organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry. This book will also be a valuable resource of information for researchers in this field.


- Pp. i
Carolina Horta Andrade
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- Pp. ii
Adilson Beatriz, Dênis Pires de Lima
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iii-v (3)
Adilson Beatriz, Dênis Pires de Lima
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CHAGAS DISEASE An Overview of Recent Advances in the Search for Synthetic Organic Compounds with Trypanocidal Activity

- Pp. 3-31 (29)
Ana Camila Micheletti, Edson dos Anjos dos Santos, Felicia Megumi Ito
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DENGUE FEVER Recent Advances in the Discovery of Small Organic Molecules for the Prevention and Treatment of Dengue Fever

- Pp. 32-62 (31)
Lucas Cunha Dias de Rezende, Victor Hugo Aquino, Flavio da Silva Emery
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LEISHMANIASIS An Overview of New Synthetic Antileishmanial Candidates

- Pp. 63-121 (59)
Nubia Boechat, Luiz Carlos da Silva Pinheiro
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LEPROSY Chasing Potential Antileprotic Compounds

- Pp. 122-148 (27)
Dênis Pires de Lima, Davidson Pires de Lima
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LYMPHATIC FILARIASIS Therapeutic Arsenal and Drug Discovery for Lymphatic Filariasis from a Synthetic Point of View

- Pp. 149-171 (23)
Gabriela Bianchi dos Santos, Ana Patrícia Yatsuda Natsui, Flavio da Silva Emery
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MALARIA Synthesis of Hybrid Molecules and Inhibitors of Falcipain for Use as Therapeutic Agents in Treatment of Malaria

- Pp. 172-195 (24)
Renata Barbosa de Oliveira, Marcela Silva Lopes, Saulo Fehelberg Pinto Braga
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SCHISTOSOMIASIS Recent Progresses in Synthesis and Evaluation of Bioactive Compounds with Molluscicidal Activity - Molluscicidal Activity of Synthetic and Natural Products

- Pp. 196-230 (35)
Ronaldo Nascimento de Oliveira, Ricardo A. W. Neves Filho
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TUBERCULOSIS Synthetic Organic Compounds as Potential Antitubercular Drugs: A Review of the Progress Made in the Last Five Years

- Pp. 231-266 (36)
Jean Leandro Santos, Guilherme F. dos Santos Fernandes, Priscila Longhin Bosquesi, Leonardo B. Marino, Clarice Q. F. Leite, Chung M. Chin, Fernando Rogério Pavan
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Subject Index

- Pp. 267-276 (10)
Adilson Beatriz, Dênis Pires de Lima
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.The Chemistry Inside Spices & Herbs: Research and Development.
.Botanicals and Natural Bioactives: Prevention and Treatment of Diseases.
.Frontiers In Medicinal Chemistry.
.Alkaloids and Other Nitrogen-Containing Derivatives.