Editors: Bashir M. Matata , Maqsood M. Elahi

The Molecular Basis for the Link between Maternal Health and the origin of Fetal Congenital Abnormalities: An Overview of Association with Oxidative Stress

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Year of Publication: 2011
DOI: 10.2174/97816080528681110101


This e-book discusses the molecular relationship between biological systems and risk factors for in-utero oxidative insults, maternal health and the impact on fetus at different critical developmental time windows (prenatal or even postnatal). Plausibly, prenatal and early postnatal periods are the most critical “windows” to oxidative stress programming insults. Pro-oxidative stress is a common feature of many conditions associated with adverse fetal growth and/or preterm birth, such as pre-eclampsia, diabetes, smoking, malnutrition or excessive nutrition, infection or inflammation. Oxidative stress insults may be directly linked to or associated with many genetic, nutritional and environmental risk factors that contribute to risks of adverse fetal growth or preterm birth. This e-book should be a valuable reference for medical researchers and working professionals interested in congenital defects.


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Kenton J. Zehr
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- Pp. ii-iii (2)
Bashir M. Matata, Maqsood M. Elahi
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- Pp. iv-vi (3)
Bashir M. Matata, Maqsood M. Elahi
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Fetal Programming of Disease Process in Later Life- Mechanisms beyond Maternal Influence

- Pp. 3-19 (17)
Maqsood M. Elahi, Bashir M. Matata
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Maternal Nutrition and its Effects on Offspring Fertility and Importance of the Periconceptional Period on Long-Term Development

- Pp. 20-33 (14)
Cha Dupont, Anne-Gael Cordier, Claudine Junien, Rachel Levy, Pascale Chavatte-Palmer
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Fetal Programming of Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis by Synthetic Glucocorticoids

- Pp. 34-49 (16)
Marion Tegethoff, Gunther Meinlschmidt
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Epigenetic Developmental Origins Hypothesis and Oxidative Stress

- Pp. 50-57 (8)
Kaoru Nagai
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Endothelial Dysfunction during Cardiac Development: A Heart to Heart Discussion of the Significance of the Nitrosative-Oxidative

- Pp. 58-71 (14)
Maqsood M. Elahi, Bashir M. Matata
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Fetal and Neonatal Programming in Current Practice

- Pp. 72-78 (7)
Tetyana H. Nesterenko, Hany Aly
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Oxidative Stress and its Role in Prepubertal Children

- Pp. 79-97 (19)
Angelika Mohn, Valentina Chiavaroli, Francesco Chiarelli
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Maternal and Fetal Metabolic Dysfunction in Pregnancy Diseases Associated with Vascular Oxidative and Nitrative Stress

- Pp. 98-115 (18)
Marcelo Gonzalez, Ernesto Munoz, Carlos Puebla, Enrique Guzman-Gutierrez, Fredi Cifuentes, Jyh K Nien, Fernando Abarzua, Andrea
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Diabetes, Developmental Programming and Oxidative Stress

- Pp. 116-126 (11)
Marie Saint-Faust, Isabelle Ligi, Farid Boubred, Umberto Simeoni
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- Pp. 127-128 (2)
Bashir M. Matata, Maqsood M. Elahi
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