Editors: Roisin Donnelly , John Dallat , Marian Fitzmaurice

Supervising and Writing a Good Undergraduate Dissertation

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Year of Publication: 2013
DOI: 10.2174/97816080517621130101


The considerable increase in numbers of students required to complete undergraduate dissertations as part of their curricula demonstrates a clear need for supporting academic staff from a wide variety of disciplines in this area. There has been limited research published in the realm of undergraduate supervision. Therefore, supervision of academic dissertations in an undergraduate setting still remains to be addressed in a comprehensive manner. The overarching theme of this reference work is the convergence of shared understandings, strategies and reflections of undergraduate supervisors from around the world, from many different subject disciplines. There is also a need today for a mapping of the current landscape of undergraduate supervision.

This text is presented through a series of case studies from a wide variety of subject disciplines in the sciences and arts and is enlightened by research perspectives; it comprises of a focus on development needs for supervisors of undergraduate students, using updated information, modeling exercises and interaction in the form of a series of individual activities, along with a selection geared at programme team development in preparing supervisors for their role, choice key readings, and exploration of online resources. This eBook is intended as a guide for academic staff across various disciplines who are involved with dissertation supervision. It is valuable to those in the early stages of their career who may be supervising for the first time; equally, it provides support, guidance and affirmation to those who have supervised over a number of years.

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Roisin Donnelly, John Dallat, Marian Fitzmaurice
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Áine Hyland
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Roisin Donnelly, John Dallat, Marian Fitzmaurice
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Roisin Donnelly, John Dallat, Marian Fitzmaurice
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Notes on Contributors

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Roisin Donnelly, John Dallat, Marian Fitzmaurice
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Roisin Donnelly, John Dallat, Marian Fitzmaurice
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Getting it Right from the Start: Setting Up and Managing Good Supervisory Practices with Undergraduate Dissertations

- Pp. 3-18 (16)
Gina Wisker
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A Framework and Processes for Conceptualizing and Designing a New Research Project

- Pp. 19-49 (31)
Neil Haigh
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Completing an Undergraduate Dissertation: The Student Perspective

- Pp. 50-77 (28)
Amanda Dillon
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Ethical Issues in Supervising Undergraduate Dissertations

- Pp. 78-108 (31)
Richard L. Miller
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Doing the Right Thing: A Practical Guide to Ethics for Undergraduate Researchers

- Pp. 109-131 (23)
Moira Maguire, Brid Delahunt, Ann Everitt-Reynolds
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Supervising International Students’ Undergraduate Research Projects: Implications from the Literature

- Pp. 132-148 (17)
Charles Buckley
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Arts & Humanities’ Undergraduate Dissertations: Regenerating Early Researcher Socialization for Diverse Futures (UK Perspectives)

- Pp. 149-186 (38)
Vicky Gunn
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The Practice of Undergraduate Research and Mentoring Student Writing

- Pp. 187-203 (17)
Nancy H. Hensel, Lindsay Currie
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‘The Hero’s Journey’: Paying Attention to the Emotional Aspects of Academic Writing, and Making Meaning from its Ups, Downs and Paradoxes

- Pp. 204-215 (12)
Sarah Moore
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Reimagining Dissertation Support within Online Communities of Practice

- Pp. 216-232 (17)
Linda Clarke
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Using Online Support Materials to Enhance the Students’ Dissertation Experience

- Pp. 233-247 (15)
Ziene Mottiar
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Using e-Portfolios to Support Undergraduate Dissertation Supervision

- Pp. 248-271 (24)
Brendan M. Ryder
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- Pp. 272-275 (4)
Roisin Donnelly, John Dallat, Marian Fitzmaurice
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