Editor: Alla Zharinova

IInd International Conference "Open Science and Innovation in Ukraine 2023"

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Year of Publication: 2024
DOI: 10.2174/97898152569561240101


Open Science and Innovation in Ukraine is dedicated to contemporary scientific communication and the technological transformations driving open science policy principles. The conference explores the transformative journey of Ukraine's scientific community towards embracing open science principles amidst geopolitical challenges. It focuses on the implementation of the National Plan for Open Science and Ukraine's alignment with European standards, emphasizing the importance of collaboration, transparency, and accessibility in advancing scientific research and innovation.

This conference proceedings volume compiles presentations from the second event held online on October 26-27, 2023. It includes presentations and discussions of new ideas for integrating modern technological achievements into scientific practices, including the development of scientific information systems and databases. The volume concludes with insights into Ukraine's strides towards global scientific integration and the crucial role of open science principles in fostering collaboration and innovation.


  • - In-depth analysis of Ukraine's transition towards open science and its alignment with European standards.
  • - Practical solutions and best practices for data management, open access publishing, and adherence to FAIR principles.
  • - Insights from leading experts in academia, industry, and government sectors.
  • - Emphasis on collaboration, transparency, and accessibility as catalysts for scientific progress and innovation.
  • - Highlights the challenges and opportunities associated with Ukraine's integration into the global scientific community.

This conference proceedings volume serves as a valuable resource for academics, professional scientists and policymakers who want to understand the Open Access publishing landscape in Ukraine.


Academics, professional scientists and policymakers interested in Open Access publishing and scientific innovation.


- Pp. i-ii (2)
Denys Kurbatov
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- Pp. iii-iv (2)
Alla Zharinova
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List of Contributors

- Pp. v-viii (4)

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GAI Openness: What's Behind the Curtain?

- Pp. 1-3 (3)
Artem Artyukhov*, Robert Rehak
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Open Science and Academic Integrity: Meeting at the Crossroads

- Pp. 4-6 (3)
Artem Artyukhov*, Robert Rehak
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Electronic Preservation Project for Ukrainian Open Access Journals (EPP UA) to Safeguard Research Content during the War

- Pp. 7-9 (3)
Sabina Auhunas*, Saskia Ernert, Heike Gutsche, Nataliia Kaliuzhna
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Towards ORCID API implementation in the Ukrainian Research Information System (URIS)

- Pp. 10-13 (4)
Sabina Auhunas*, Marharyta Tsiura, Nataliia Kaliuzhna
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LabsArena.com – Online Platform for Sharing Materials Research Facilities as a Tool for Open Access Research and Integration of Ukrainian R&D Ecosystem into EU Network

- Pp. 14-15 (2)
Razet Basnukaieva, Bogdan Postolnyi*
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The Paradigm of Open Science Challenges

- Pp. 16-18 (3)
Chupryna Kh*, O. Krassovskyi
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Modification of the Method as a Way of Obtaining Research Results

- Pp. 19-20 (2)
Amina Daudi, Iryna Yezhel*, William J. Rowe
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Trends in Cooperation between Ukrainian and Foreign Organizations within the Horizon Europe

- Pp. 21-25 (5)
Iryna Dohtieva*, Liliia Nikiforova, Anatolii Shyian
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Implementation of Innovative Technologies in Crop Production as a Key to the State's Food Security

- Pp. 26-30 (5)
Yevhenii Domaratskiy*, Antonina Panfilova, Antonina Drobitko, Oleg Kovalenko, Tatiana Kachanova
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FAIR Principles in Accounting Research Data Management

- Pp. 31-34 (4)
Fedenko Dmytro Olexandrovich*
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Defense Management and its Impact on the Development of the Military-Industrial Complex in Ukraine

- Pp. 35-38 (4)
V. Hmyria*, L. Romanovska
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Participatory Model of Development of Scientific and Scientific-Technical Activities in Ukraine

- Pp. 39-42 (4)
Klyuchnik Alyona*, Honcharenko Iryna, Galunets Nataliia
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Development and Deployment of the “Arxiv Academy” Archive of Pre-Prints for Ukrainian Scientists

- Pp. 43-46 (4)
Oleksandr Kolomiyets*, Sergii Lavreniuk, Mykhailo Pustovoit
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Principles and Criteria of using the Teacher's Digital Competence Self-Assessment Tool

- Pp. 47-50 (4)
Mariya Р. Leshchenko, Oksana V. Ovcharuk, Oksana Y. Kravchyna*
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Unification of Evaluation of Scientific Activity Fields in CRIS Systems

- Pp. 51-54 (4)
Lutay Larysa*, Shapovalov Yevhenii, Shapovalov Viktor, Rybalko Yaroslav
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Scientometrics of Open Access Journal Fizyka Nyzkykh Temperatur and Journal of Mathematical Physics, Analysis, Geometry

- Pp. 55-58 (4)
K. M. Matsiyevskiy*, V. F. Loboiko. B.
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Review of Statistical Methods Application and Reporting Results in Ukrainian Medical Peer-Reviewed Journals

- Pp. 59-62 (4)
Maryna Nessonova*
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The Approach to Minimizing the Conflict of Interests in the IT System for Competitive Selection of Scientific Projects

- Pp. 63-66 (4)
Liliia Nikiforova*, Iryna Dohtieva, Anatolii Shyian
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Implementation of Modern Digitalization Technologies in the Military Sphere

- Pp. 67-70 (4)
V Nikitchenko*, A Nikitchenko, I Yachna
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The Study of Ukrainian and Lithuanian Ethnographic Textile: the Experience of Bilaterian Cooperation

- Pp. 71-75 (5)
Olena Nykorak, Lyudmyla Herus, Tetiana Kutsyr*, Eglė Kumpikaitė, Daiva Milašienė, Žaneta Rukuižienė
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Effectiveness of Access to Scientific and Informational Resources of Libraries of Ukraine

- Pp. 76-79 (4)
Ostrovska Olena*
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Criteria and Indicators For Evaluating the Effectiveness of Pedagogical Research Using Digital Technologies

- Pp. 80-83 (4)
Oksana V. Ovcharuk, Svitlana M. Ivanova*
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Mission of the University Library in the Development of Open Science in Ukraine

- Pp. 84-87 (4)
Nadiya Petrivna Pasmor*, Maryna Oleksandrivna Shevchenko
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Refining How we Talk about ORCID by Listening to our Community

- Pp. 88-92 (5)
Julie Petro*, Paloma Marín-Arraiza
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DataverseUA: Peculiarities of Implementation of the Dataverse Open Scientific Data Repository in Ukraine

- Pp. 93-96 (4)
Anastas Romansky, Natalia Denysiuk*, Serhii Mokliak, Sergiy Svistunov, Vitaly Shadura
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Using CRIS Systems Located in DRIS to Provide Interoperability of Scientific Data Ensuring FAIR Principles

- Pp. 97-100 (4)
Shapovalov Yevhenii*, Lutay Larysa, Shapovalov Viktor, Auhunas Sabina
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Innovative Cooperation in Managing the Development of Ukraine

- Pp. 101-104 (4)
Olga Shkurenko*, Olha Kravchenko
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Electronic Library in Providing Open Access to the Results of Scientific Research

- Pp. 105-108 (4)
Olena Shmahlii*, Oleksandra Moskalenko, Liubov Badorina
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Basic Regulations and Principles of Citizen Science in Ukraine

- Pp. 109-112 (4)
Olena Skuibida*
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The Peculiarities of Creating the Open Access Policy for Research Infrastructure in Ukraine

- Pp. 113-116 (4)
I. Tsybenko*
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On the Distributed Open Research Infrastructure of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

- Pp. 117-120 (4)
Vadim Tulchinsky*, Sergiy Svistunov, Yuriy Kapitsa, Oleksandr Khimich
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Statistics of R&D and Innovation in Provision of Management Processes: Problems and Challenges in Modern Ukraine

- Pp. 121-123 (3)
Igor Yegorov*, Vitalii Gryga, Yuliia Ryzhkova
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The Digitalization of Methods for Responsible Evaluation of Scientific Institutions

- Pp. 124-127 (4)
Serhii S. Zharinov*, Valery B. Polischuk, Oleksandr V. Nesterenko
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Challenges of Implementing Open Science Initiatives

- Pp. 128-131 (4)
Alla Zharinova*
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The ORCID National Consortium: Ukrainian Use Case

- Pp. 132-134 (3)
Sofiia Zherebchuk*
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Subject Index

- Pp. 135-140 (6)
Alla Zharinova
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