Editor: Ana Rita C. Duarte

Current Trends of the Supercritical Fluid Technology in the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Food Processing Industries

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Year of Publication: 2010
DOI: 10.2174/97816080504681100101


Supercritical fluid technology can be seen as a green and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional. Current information on these topics is spread through different publications in different peer-reviewed journals. The editors were therefore of the opinion that this information should be gathered in an Ebook which presents some reviews on these topics which should be of major interest not only for the academia but also for the industry.

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- Pp. i
Jacques Fages
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- Pp. ii
Ana Rita C. Duarte, Catarina M. M. Duarte.
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- Pp. iii
Ana Rita C. Duarte, Catarina M. M. Duarte
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Introduction to Supercritical Fluids: Basic Principles and Applications

- Pp. 1-7 (7)
M. Nunes da Ponte
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Applications of Supercritical Expansion Processes for Particle Formation

- Pp. 8-15 (8)
Ana Rita C. Duarte
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Supercritical Anti-Solvent Micronization: Control of Morphology and Particle Size

- Pp. 16-28 (13)
Ernesto Reverchon, Iolanda De Marco
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Particles from Gas-Saturated Solutions and Related Methods for Particle Engineering

- Pp. 29-40 (12)
A. R. Sampaio de Sousa, Catarina M. M. Duarte
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Fundamentals and Modeling of Supercritical Precipitation Processes

- Pp. 41-51 (11)
Angel Martin, Maria Jose Cocero
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Supercritical Fluid Impregnation for the Preparation of Controlled Delivery Systems

- Pp. 52-60 (9)
Ana Rita C. Duarte, Catarina M. M. Duarte
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Ionic Liquids and Carbon Dioxide as Combined Solvents for Reactions and Separations: The Miscibility Switch

- Pp. 61-70 (10)
E. Kuhne, G. J. Witkamp, C. J. Peters
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Supercritical Antisolvent Fractionation of Plant Extracts

- Pp. 71-79 (9)
O. J. Catchpole, N. E. Durling, J. B. Grey, W. Eltringham, S. J. Tallon
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Mathematical Modelling of Supercritical Fluid Extraction

- Pp. 80-96 (17)
H. Sovova
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Supercritical Fluid Processing in Food and Pharmaceutical Industries: Scale- Up Issues

- Pp. 97-115 (19)
Fabrice Leboeuf, Frantz Deschamps
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- Pp. 116-117 (2)
Ana Rita C. Duarte, Catarina M. M. Duarte
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