Editor: Habibe Yilmaz

Series Title: Recent Advances in Biotechnology

Recent Progress in Pharmaceutical Nanobiotechnology: A Medical Perspective

Volume 8

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ISBN: 978-981-5179-43-9 (Print)
ISBN: 978-981-5179-42-2 (Online)
Year of Publication: 2023
DOI: 10.2174/97898151794221230801


Recent Progress in Pharmaceutical Nanobiotechnology: A Medical Perspective offers a comprehensive exploration of the dynamic field of pharmaceutical nanobiotechnology, focusing on its medical applications. This edited reference serves as a valuable resource for researchers, students, and professionals in various disciplines (pharmacology, biotechnology, clinical medicine and nanotechnology) , providing insights into the latest advancements and practical implications of nanotechnology in the pharmaceutical sector.

The book presents 14 edited and referenced chapters that cover several themes for readers.

1. General Pharmaceutical Nanobiotechnology:

  • - Introduction to the interdisciplinary field
  • - Exploration of nanoscale materials for medical purposes

2. Nanoparticle Development and Applications:

  • - Bioinspired Nanomedicines
  • - Lipid-Based Nanocarriers
  • - Metallic Nanoparticles and Their Applications
  • - Nanoparticle Targeting Strategies
  • - Nanomedicine-Based Therapies for Cancer Stem Cells

3. Biotechnological Aspects:

  • - Biotechnological Significance of Exosomes
  • - Glycoconjugates: Biosynthesis and Functions

4. Innovative Nanotherapies:

  • - Novel Nanotechnological Approaches for Glioblastoma
  • - Biocompatibility of Nanomedicines and Bio Corona

5. Diagnostic and Sensing Applications:

  • - Role of Nanoparticular/Nano Vesicular Systems as Biosensors
  • - In Vitro Applications of Drug-Carrying Nanoparticles in Cell Culture Studies
  • - In Vivo Imaging Techniques: Bioluminescence and Fluorescence Imaging

6. Precision Medicine:

  • - The Role of Nano and Biopharmaceutics in Precision Medicine

Audience: Postgraduate researchers in pharmaceutical biotechnology; pharmacy professionals and academicians.


In a world that has become global and where all kinds of technology have entered our lives rapidly with the industrial revolution, it has brought many diseases with it, even though the quality of life and duration of people have increased. The fact that we have started to use technological developments more effectively has enabled us to develop the awareness of coping with all new and old diseases that we encounter. In addition to repositioning conventional drugs, biotechnological drugs and new nano-drugs are being developed from the combination of nanotechnology with biology. It has become a necessity for every individual who wants to improve herself/himself in this field to follow the data that is revealed quickly and to follow the applications in life. Current practices and research aim to increase patient compliance and to restore patients' health as soon as possible without creating any financial and social burden.

In this context, this book focuses on recent advancements and applications of nanobiotechnology in medical application areas.

This edited book covers 14 high-quality chapters. The chapters of this book have a large variety of interesting and relevant subjects such as precision medicine, biomimetic design, exosomes, glycobiology, targeting strategies of nanomedicines, biocompatibility, in vitro and in vivo evaluation of nanomedicines as well as specific applications at different pathologies and technologies such as photodynamic therapy and biosensors. I highly recommend this book to students, academicians, researchers and industrial organizations who are interested in the new era of medicinal applications of nanobiotechnology.

Ercüment Karasulu
Department of Pharmaceutical Technology
Faculty of Pharmacy
Ege University
Bornova, 35100