Editors: Fahima Dilnawaz, Zeenat Iqbal

Nanomedicinal Approaches Towards Cardiovascular Disease

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Year of Publication: 2021
DOI: 10.2174/97898149982151210101


Nanomedicinal Approaches Towards Cardiovascular Disease summarizes information about nanotechnology that is used in the diagnosis and regenerative treatment of heart diseases. Chapters in this reference introduce the reader to the basics of cardiac nanomedicine and cardiac regeneration before moving to advanced topics such as nanomedicine in cardiovascular diagnosis, imaging and therapeutics.

Key Features

- 13 chapters that cover nanotechnological aspects of cardiovascular diseases, contributed by expert scholars

- Simple, reader-friendly text suitable for readers of all academic levels

- Covers introductory topics of nanomedicine regenerative medicine in cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular diagnosis and therapeutics

- Covers advanced topics such as cardiovascular nanotheranositics, cardiac reprogramming, biomimetics, drug delivery systems and smart nanomaterials

- Includes a chapter on ethical implications in cardiovascular nanomedicine

- Includes bibliographic references for each chapter

Nanomedicinal Approaches Towards Cardiovascular Disease is a simple. informative reference on cardiovascular nanomedicine for scholars, healthcare professionals and nanotechnology enthusiasts, alike, which provides holistic knowledge on the subject in a single volume.

Foreword 1

- Pp. i
Farida Khan
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Foreword 2

- Pp. ii
Shamarez Ali Mohammed
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- Pp. iii-iv (2)
Fahima Dilnawaz, Zeenat Iqbal
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List of Contributors

- Pp. v
Fahima Dilnawaz, Zeenat Iqbal
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Introduction to Cardiovascular Diseases and The Need for Nanomedicine and Regenerative Nanomedicine

- Pp. 1-5 (5)
Fahima Dilnawaz*
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Nanomedicinal Aspects in Cardiovascular Diseases

- Pp. 6-16 (11)
Uzma Farooq, Mohd. Aamir Mirza, Sradhanjali Mohapatra, Zeenat Iqbal*
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Role of Nanomedicine in the Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Diseases

- Pp. 17-29 (13)
Foziyah Zakir, Mohd. Aamir Mirza, Rahmuddin Khan, Zeenat Iqbal*
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Nanotechnology-Based Molecular Imaging in Cardiovascular Disease

- Pp. 30-39 (10)
Fahima Dilnawaz*, Zeenat Iqbal
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Nanocarriers for Therapeutics Delivery of Cardiovascular Disease

- Pp. 40-51 (12)
Fahima Dilnawaz*
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Nanocarriers for Theranostics Delivery of Cardiovascular Diseases

- Pp. 52-60 (9)
Pooja Jain, Nazia Hassan, Manvi Singh, Zeenat Iqbal*
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Nanocarriers for Biologicals Delivery to Cardiovascular System

- Pp. 61-69 (9)
Fahima Dilnawaz*
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Ethics and Regulations for Cardiovascular Diseases

- Pp. 70-73 (4)
Ajit Kumar Behura*, Sarita Kar, Fahima Dilnawaz*
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Biomaterials for Cardiac Regeneration

- Pp. 74-91 (18)
Nazia Hassan, Pooja Jain, Salma Firdaus, Zeenat Iqbal*
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Biomimetic Materials Design for Cardiac Tissue Regeneration

- Pp. 92-105 (14)
Manvi Singh, Fahima Dilnawaz, Zeenat Iqbal*
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Nanotechnology-Based Direct Cardiac Reprogramming for Cardiac Regeneration

- Pp. 106-124 (19)
Pooja Jain, Nazia Hassan, Uzma Farooq, Zeenat Iqbal*
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Smart Nanomaterials for Cardiac Regeneration Therapy

- Pp. 125-143 (19)
Ranjita Misra, Fahima Dilnawaz*
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Stem Cell Engineering Ability to Promote Cardiac Regenerative Activity

- Pp. 144-159 (16)
Ranjita Misra, Fahima Dilnawaz*
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Subject Index

- Pp. 160-161 (2)
Fahima Dilnawaz, Zeenat Iqbal
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