Editor: Leszek R. Jaroszewicz

Liquid Crystal Light Modulators: Revised Edition

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ISBN: 978-981-14-7020-2 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2020
DOI: 10.2174/97898114702261200101


This brief monograph provides reports on liquid crystal materials used for specific devices designed for industrial applications. The authors of each chapter present insights on the design and technical aspects of the manufacturing of advanced liquid crystal light modulators reflecting their experience in advanced liquid crystal materials science.

Chapters in the book first introduce readers to the chemistry and basic materials science of liquid crystal light modulators with information important for practical situations such as custom manufacturing and material quality assessment (including the determination of Frank elastic constants). Subsequent chapters cover a selection of interesting projects where liquid crystal light modulators are applied, such as: a highly transparent, laser damage resistant liquid crystal phase modulators for space-borne laser rangefinders; a dynamic optical filter designed for visualization of air pollution; a high contrast, fast operating, outdoor light shutter for the eye protection of welders.

Readers will gain an awareness of the peculiarities of the liquid crystalline matter, along with the complexity of the design and fabrication of active optical elements, as the information provided in this volume presents detailed practical results of the liquid crystal technology projects.


The monograph concerns liquid crystal devices for modulation and switching of light. It presents rather seldom approach to the problem of liquid crystals application. Mostly, in such publications, devices for information visualization are considered, perhaps because such devices create the main segment of liquid crystals market.

The work of Professor Jaroszewicz and his coworkers concerns a more specific, sophisticated constructions, devoted to modification of various parameters of light beams. The work delivers detailed descriptions of devices dedicated to three kinds of light modification. First of them is the change of polarization state of the light beam, mostly used in pathfinders. The second one represents an electrically tuned optical filter that finds application in the detection and measurement of air pollution. The third kind of light modification device is, in principle, a quick light shutter, used first of all in welding helmets. Each of the mentioned devices modifies another parameter of the light beam: state of polarization, spectral range or transmitted light intensity. All these devices are precisely described in the review, starting with the operation principle, technical demands, design scheme and measuring methods of physical and technical parameters. A rich choice of relevant liquid crystalline materials is presented. The authors proposed many application mixtures that combined with different liquid crystal cells allowed them the construction of prototypes with unprecedented characteristics.

The presented monograph is a very useful work addressed to the scientists dealing with both basic research and liquid crystal technology. It can be useful for technicians and students as well.

Wojciech Kuczyński
Institute of Molecular Physics
Polish Academy of Sciences
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