Editors: Chaoqun Liu, Yisheng Gao

Series Title: Current Developments in Mathematical Sciences

Liutex-based and Other Mathematical, Computational and Experimental Methods for Turbulence Structure

Volume 2

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ISBN: 978-981-14-3758-8 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2020
DOI: 10.2174/97898114376011200201


The knowledge of quantitative turbulence mechanics relies heavily upon the definition of the concept of a vortex in mathematical terms. This reference work introduces the reader to Liutex, which is an accepted, accurate and mathematical definition of a vortex. The core of this book is a compilation of several papers on the subject. presented in the 13th World Congress of Computational Mechanics (WCCM2018), Symposium 704, Mathematics and Computations for Multiscale Structures of Turbulent and Other Complex Flows, New York, United States on July 27, 2018. This compilation also includes other research papers which explain the work done on the vortex definition, vortex identification and turbulence structure from different insight angles including mathematics, computational physics and experiments.

The thirteen chapters in this volume will be informative to scientists and engineers who are interested in advanced theories about fluid dynamics, vortex science and turbulence research.


- Pp. i-vi (6)
Chaoqun Liu
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List of Contributors

- Pp. vii-viii (2)
Chaoqun Liu, Yisheng Gao
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Liutex – A New Mathematical Definition of Vortex and Vorticity Decomposition for Turbulence Research

- Pp. 1-20 (20)
Chaoqun Liu, Yisheng Gao, Yifei Yu
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Liutex and Its Calculation and Galilean Invariance

- Pp. 21-44 (24)
Yiqian Wang, Yisheng Gao, Chaoqun Liu
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New Omega Vortex Identification Method Based on Determined Epsilon

- Pp. 45-58 (14)
Xiangrui Dong, Yisheng Gao, Chaoqun Liu
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Stability Analysis on Shear Flow and Vortices in Late Boundary Layer Transition

- Pp. 59-114 (56)
Jie Tang
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POD and DMD Analysis in Late Flow Transition with Omega Method

- Pp. 115-153 (39)
Sita Charkrit, Chaoqun Liu
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Comparison of Liutex and Eigenvalue-based Vortex Identification Criteria for Compressible Flows

- Pp. 154-175 (22)
Yisheng Gao, Chaoqun Liu
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Observation of Coherent Structures of Low Reynolds Number Turbulent Boundary Layer by DNS and Experiment

- Pp. 176-209 (34)
Panpan Yan, Chaoqun Liu, Yanang Guo, Xiaoshu Cai
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Direct Numerical Simulation of Incompressible Flow in a Channel with Rib Structures

- Pp. 210-231 (22)
Ting Yu, Duo Wang, Heng Li, Hongyi Xu
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Vortex and Flow Structure inside Hydroturbines

- Pp. 232-242 (11)
Yuning Zhang
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A Comparative Study of Compressible Turbulent Flows Between Thermally and Calorically Perfect Gases

- Pp. 243-264 (22)
Xiaoping Chen
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The Experimental Study on Vortex Structures in Turbulent Boundary Layer at Low Reynolds Number

- Pp. 265-279 (15)
Yanang Guo, Xiaoshu Cai, Wu Zhou, Lei Zhou, Xiangrui Dong
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Experimental Studies on Coherent Structures in Jet Flows Using Single-Frame-Long-Exposure (SFLE) Imaging Method

- Pp. 280-292 (13)
Lei Zhou, Xiaoshu Cai, Wu Zhou, Yiqian Wang
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Hybrid Compact-WENO Scheme for the Interaction of Shock Wave and Boundary Layer

- Pp. 293-311 (19)
Jianming Liu, Chaoqun Liu
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Subject Index

- Pp. 312-323 (12)
Chaoqu Liu, ̀Yisheng Gao
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