Editor: Rituparna Acharya

A Comprehensive Guide to Nanoparticles in Medicine

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Year of Publication: 2021
DOI: 10.2174/97816810883581210101


This handbook explains the application of nanoparticles in medical diagnosis and treatment. It is a ready reference on the subject, starting with the introduction to nanoparticles and progressing to synthetic procedures for nanotherapeutics, human disease diagnosis and nanocarrier-based drug delivery. The book also covers information about specific nanoparticle conjugates, in which nanoparticles are combined with drugs or nucleic acid strands (DNA, siRNAs, shRNAs, miRNAs) as well as topics of relevant to this field such as immunotherapy and vaccination development strategies. Each chapter also provides references for further reading.

A Comprehensive Guide to Nanoparticles in Medicine is an ideal resource for scholars in medicine, pharmacology and technology who require an understanding to some basic facets of nanoparticles.


Drug administration without any side effects is The need of the hour in today’s research. Nanotechnology has emerged as a tool for the creation of nanoparticles that are less than 100nm in size. These nanomaterials have a wide variety of applications in medicine for diagnostic and imaging purposes, and also in targeted drug delivery and gene delivery. Targeted drug delivery may reduce the side effects of the drugs and is the priority research area in nanotechnology. On the other hand, gene deliveries in the form of DNA/siRNA/shRNA/miRNAs are the burning issue in nanomaterial and technology. The invention of immunotherapy and vaccines is the priority of today’s research.

However, even though excellent nanocarriers have been invented, still there are many areas that need to be resolved before their clinical application. How to improve these nanomaterials for practical application in the treatment of diseases is the main question in research today? How can the gene delivery system be improved to make it free from off-target side effects? These were the few questions that are kept in mind while writing this book.

This book written by Dr. Rituparna Acharya is of interest not only for pharmacy students but also for the researchers and students of nanotechnology, biology and the researchers of drug delivery and medical imaging. The book “A Comprehensive Guide to Nanoparticles in Medicine” links academic knowledge with the research in nanomaterials.

Dr Jui Chakraborty
Principal Scientist
CSIR-Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute India,


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