Editor: J. Alberto del Real Alcalà

Series Title: Current and Future Developments in Law

Human Rights Issues and Vulnerable Groups

Volume 1

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ISBN: 978-1-68108-577-7 (Print)
ISBN: 978-1-68108-576-0 (Online)
Year of Publication: 2017
DOI: 10.2174/97816810857601170101


This volume covers topics related to human rights issues and problems of people who are overwhelmed by hostile situations around them and are subsequently rendered vulnerable. The situations of vulnerability discussed in this book are related to suffering caused by the moral, family, social, economic or political conditions in which the people, and the groups they belong to, live. Readers are guided through a discussion about rights, as an instrument through which civil society and the ‘Rule of Law’ try to curb or even eliminate the suffering of these people. The aim of such efforts is to restore the situation of vulnerable people to a level of normality.

Human Rights Issues and Vulnerable Groups presents a discussion of issues surrounding several kinds of vulnerable groups: minorities, children, gender groups, persons with disabilities, migrants, cultural groups, displaced persons, victims of terrorism, linguistic groups, poor people, people in prison and sexual minorities.

The book is a detailed reference for graduates and scholars in law, political science, sociology and social psychology. The volume is also recommended for working professionals who operate with human rights groups and general readers (non-experts) who want to understand the discourse about human rights in a holistic (moral, legal, social, economic, and political) framework.

Preface I

- Pp. i-vi (6)
Rafael de Asís Roig
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Preface II

- Pp. vii-viii (2)
J. Alberto del Real Alcala
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List of Contributors

- Pp. ix
J. Alberto del Real Alcala
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Fundamental Rights and Human Dignity

- Pp. 1-13 (13)
Francisco Javier Ansuategui Roig
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On Capacity and Rights

- Pp. 14-28 (15)
Rafael de Asis Roig
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Disability and Constitution

- Pp. 29-39 (11)
Rafael de Asis Roig
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The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: A Necessary Step Towards the Universalization of Human Rights

- Pp. 40-67 (28)
Jose Ignacio Solar Cayon
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People with Disabilities and Human Rights in Brazil: Equality of Opportunities as a Model for Social Inclusion

- Pp. 68-81 (14)
Julio Pinheiro Faro Homem de Siqueira, Gustavo Antonio Pierazzo Santos
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On the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Latin America

- Pp. 82-99 (18)
J. Alberto del Real Alcala
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Gender Equity and Development: Women’s Rights

- Pp. 100-116 (17)
Maria Olga Sanchez Martinez
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Citizenship versus Collectivism: The Legislative Contribution to Gender Equality

- Pp. 117-146 (30)
Juana Maria Gil Ruiz
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Right to the Truth and Victims of Terrorism as a Vulnerable Group

- Pp. 147-163 (17)
Belen Urena Carazo
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Psychopathological Consequences of Terrorism: The Prevalence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Victims of Terrorist Attacks

- Pp. 164-180 (17)
Maria Paz García-Vera, Jesus Sanz
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Victims of Terrorism in Spain Over Two Centuries: The Path to Specific Legal Protection

- Pp. 181-200 (20)
Agata Serrano
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Employment and Poverty: The Case of ‘Working Poor’

- Pp. 201-210 (10)
Jose Luis Rey Perez
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Fundamental Rights, National Constitutions and the European Treaties: Social Rights vs Economic Rights

- Pp. 211-226 (16)
Silvio Gambino, Julio Pinheiro Faro Homem de Siqueira
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Right to Housing: Between its Implementation and its Mere Declaration

- Pp. 227-239 (13)
Boris Wilson Arias Lopez
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Safety and Human Rights in Spanish Prisons

- Pp. 240-254 (15)
Fernando Reviriego Picon, Faustino Gudin Rodríguez Magarinos
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The Formation of Identity of Children in a Consumer Society

- Pp. 255-276 (22)
Ana Gabriela Rangel Poncio, Andre Filipe Pereira dos Santos Reid
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Subject Index

- Pp. 277-283 (7)
J. Alberto del Real Alcala
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