Editors: Iztok Podbregar, Teodora Ivanuša

The Anatomy of Counterintelligence: European Perspective

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ISBN: 978-1-68108-412-1
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Year of Publication: 2016
DOI: 10.2174/97816810841141160101


In recent decades, a significant volume of literature on the subject of counterintelligence has become available. The knowledge given by this literature has addressed the confusion surrounding counterintelligence methods and organizations in addition to explaining certain taboos and stereotypes. Counterintelligence issues are understood differently in European countries in comparison to the rest of the world. The factors accounting for this difference are several: the diversity of political systems, continental law, human rights, history, nations' culture, language(s), economy, geostrategic position, urban concept of cities, etc. Nevertheless, some similarities in counterintelligence methods in different regions also exist.

The Anatomy of Counterintelligence: European Perspective offers a concise overview of counterintelligence measures practiced in Europe that can rarely be found in standard texts; it provides information about counterintelligence staff, the definition of principles of counterintelligence, the targets of foreign intelligence services, how to identify agents and operatives (as well as operatives working undercover as diplomats) and some of the dilemmas in counterintelligence in the light of current events. The book also presents the case of Vladimir Vauhnik, a Slovenian counterintelligence operative in the time of Nazi Germany.

The Anatomy of Counterintelligence: European Perspective will be of particular of interest to political science scholars in Europe who are interested in studying the European angle of counterintelligence and its influence on the organization of European counterintelligence services as well as national security policy.


Iztok Podbregar
Faculty of Organizational Sciences
University of Maribor

Teodora Ivanuša
Faculty of Logistics
University of Maribor


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