Editors: Carla Rossi, Susanna Conti

Evaluating the impact of Laws Regulating Illicit Drugs on Health and Society

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Year of Publication: 2023
DOI: 10.2174/97898150792411230101


Evaluating the impact of Laws Regulating Illicit Drugs on Health and Society serves as an informative reference for social science researchers and policymakers on the science behind drug regulation.

The book presents contributions from many leading researchers in drug law and policy evaluation. The 12 chapters highlight scientific evidence from a diverse range of international projects on evaluation of different illicit drug laws. Each contribution takes policies into account while also using methodological tools and relevant data sets.

For a priori evaluation, the modern leximetric approach is applied to compare different drug laws. For posterior evaluation the analysis of social and health outcomes, using standard and new indicators are presented, discussed and applied. Next, the book covers the use of drug market estimation methods in policy research. Specific new indicators allowing the evaluation of interventions such as harm reduction and prevention are presented and analysed using international research data. The book concludes with a summary of the links of illegal drug market gains with corruption, and its consequences.

Evaluating the impact of Laws Regulating Illicit Drugs on Health and Society gives readers a unique, evidence-based perspective on the relationship between drugs, laws, policy and socioeconomic conditions.

Key Features

1. Features 12 contributions from international experts on drug legislation and social science

2. Demonstrates evidence-based evaluation of drug laws and policies

3. Highlights Leximetric and forecast methods applied to illicit drug laws with examples

4. Highlights the use of standard and new socioeconomic indicators to evaluate drug laws and policies

5. Informs readers about different policy approaches to drug regulation and their consequences

6. Summarizes the links of illegal drug markets with corruption

7. Provides detailed references for further reading


Social science researchers, economists, drug regulators, and policymakers


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Gianpaolo Scalia Tomb
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- Pp. iii-iv (2)
Carla Rossi, Susanna Conti
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List of Contributors

- Pp. v-vi (2)

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The First Application of Leximetric Analysis on the Drug Law in Italy

- Pp. 1-14 (14)
Francesca De Marinis*
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A Review of the NERA Model Applied to the Recreational Use of Marijuana in the State of Washington

- Pp. 15-31 (17)
Yusra Bibi Ruhomally, Muhammad Zaid Dauhoo*
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HAT Wars: The Political History of Heroin-Assisted Treatment

- Pp. 32-47 (16)
Christopher Hallam*
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The Effectiveness and Efficacy of Prescribed Diacetylmorphine (Heroin) in Reducing Drug-related Harm

- Pp. 48-62 (15)
Jeanette Bowles*, Nazlee Maghsoudi MGA, Samantha Young, Sarah Griffiths, Gillian Kolla
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The Hospitalization Risk Profile of Opioids Users

- Pp. 63-75 (13)
Valerio Manno, Alice Maraschini, Susanna Conti, Giada Minelli*
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Epidemiological Models to Assess Heroin Epidemic Waves and Treatment Outcomes

- Pp. 76-95 (20)
Carla Rossi*
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Development of New Indicators for Assessing the Level and Consequences of Drug Use: Applications and Comparisons

- Pp. 96-115 (20)
Francesco Fabi, Carla Rossi*
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Evaluating Treatment Outcomes from Drug Policies and Practices

- Pp. 116-133 (18)
Catherine Maria Comiskey*, Elizabeth Mary McCarthy, Zoe Swithenbank, Gordon Hay
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Using Supply Indicators in the Evaluation of Drug Supply Reduction – Challenges and Opportunities

- Pp. 134-152 (19)
Nicola Singleton, Andrew Cunningham, Teodora Groshkova*, Luis Royuela, Roumen Sedefov, Paul Griffiths
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Estimating the Size of the Drug Market – A Critical Review of Approaches Used

- Pp. 153-165 (13)
Robin Udrisard*, Calum Griffiths, Pierre Esseiva, Frank Zobel, Teodora Groshkova, Andre Noor
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Estimating the Costs of the Criminal Justice System

- Pp. 166-193 (28)
Luca Di Censi, Francesco Fabi*
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Drug Crime and Corruption

- Pp. 194-203 (10)
Carla Rossi*
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Subject Index

- Pp. 204-208 (5)

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