Editors: Marcelo Santos da Silva, Maria Isabel N. Cano

Series Title: Frontiers in Parasitology

Molecular and Cellular Biology of Pathogenic Trypanosomatids

Volume 1

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Year of Publication: 2017
DOI: 10.2174/97816810840531170101


Every year millions of people living in tropical areas across the globe, are affected by trypanosomatids – the parasites causing Chagas disease, African trypanosomiasis, and leishmaniasis. According to WHO, these diseases are termed as neglected tropical diseases against which there are no effective vaccines and the few available treatments have many side effects, besides posing the risk of emerging drug resistant parasite strains. All these factors represent a significant challenge which imposes a considerable economic burden to public health systems. Many research initiatives have emerged in recent years with the aim to undercover parasitic molecular and cellular biology, parasite-host interactions, mechanisms of disease pathogenesis, molecular mechanisms of drug resistance, all essential for the development of novel anti-parasite treatments and eradication strategies.

This volume highlights discoveries in the field of trypanosomatid molecular and cellular biology. Topics covered include cell organization during development, genome organization and maintenance, control of gene expression, nuclear and kinetoplast DNA replication, mechanisms of DNA damage repair, virulence factors and immune evasion, new methods for molecular diagnosis, new therapeutic tools and recombinant vaccine biology.

This monograph will be of interest to undergraduates (premedical and biologists), graduates (masters and Ph.D. students) the parasitology research community and researchers working in related fields.

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- Pp. i-iii (3)
Walter Colli
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- Pp. iv-v (2)
Marcelo Santos da Silva, Maria Isabel N. Cano
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List of Contributors

- Pp. vi-vii (2)
Marcelo Santos da Silva, Maria Isabel N. Cano
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The Cellular Organization of Trypanosomatids During Life Cycle

- Pp. 3-60 (58)
Simone Guedes Calderano, Nilmar Silvio Moretti, Christiane Araujo, Marcelo S. da Silva, Teresa Cristina Leandro de Jesus, Loyze P. Oliveira de Lima, Mariana de Camargo Lopes, Leonardo da Silva Augusto, Julia Pinheiro Chagas da Cunha, Maria Carolina Elias, Sergio Schenkman
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Trypanosomatid Genome Organization and Ploidy

- Pp. 61-103 (43)
João Luís Reis-Cunha, Hugo Oswaldo Valdivia, Daniella Castanheira Bartholomeu
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Chromosomes Ends and Telomere Biology of Trypanosomatids

- Pp. 104-133 (30)
Miguel Angel Chiurillo, Cristiane Regina Antonio, Marjorie Mendes Marini, Renata Torres de Souza, José Franco da Silveira
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Nuclear and Kinetoplast DNA Replication in Trypanosomatids

- Pp. 134-194 (61)
Marcelo S. da Silva, Maria Alejandra Viviescas, Raphael Souza Pavani, Edna Gicela Ortiz, Camila B. Storti, Maria Isabel N. Cano
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Genome Maintenance in Trypanosomatids

- Pp. 195-260 (66)
Gonzalo Cabrera, Viviane G. Silva, Isabela C. Mendes, Carlos R. Machado, Richard McCulloch
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Mechanisms Controlling Gene Expression in Trypanosomatids

- Pp. 261-290 (30)
Santuza M. R. Teixeira, Bruna M. Valente
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Virulence Factors and Immune Evasion in Leishmania spp.

- Pp. 291-345 (55)
Jose M. Requena, Manuel Soto
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Virulence Factors and Immune Evasion in Trypanosoma cruzi

- Pp. 346-393 (48)
Jorge González, Bessy Gutiérrez, José L. Vega, Jorge E. Araya
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Molecular Tools and Strategies for Diagnosis of Chagas Disease and Leishmaniasis

- Pp. 394-453 (60)
Alejandro G. Schijman, Juan M. Burgos, Paula L. Marcet
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New Chemotherapy Against Trypanosomiasis and Leishmaniasis

- Pp. 454-530 (77)
Jair L. de Siqueira-Neto
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Recombinant Vaccines Against Pathogenic Trypanosomatids

- Pp. 531-585 (55)
Priscila Martins Andrade Denapoli, Alba Marina Gimenez, Maurício Martins Rodrigues
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Subject Index

- Pp. 586-595 (10)
Marcelo Santos da Silva, Maria Isabel N. Cano
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