Author: "Mário J. F. Calvete"


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ISBN: 978-1-68108-125-0 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2016
DOI: 10.2174/97816810812431160101


This reference focuses on defined types of compounds which are of interest to readers who are motivated to explore basic information about new materials for advanced industrial applications. General and established synthetic methodologies for several compounds are explained giving a straightforward approaches for researchers who intend to pursue new projects in materials sciences, This book presents 9 chapters, covering phthalocyanines, polymethines, porphyrins, BODIPYs, dendrimers, carbon allotropes, organic frameworks, nanoparticles and future prospects. Each chapter covers detailed synthetic aspects of the most established preparation routes for the specific compounds, while giving a historical perspective, with selective information on actual and outstanding applications of each material, unraveling what likely might be the future for each category. This book is intended as a hands-on reference guide for undergraduates and graduates interested in industrial chemistry and materials science.


Review 1

“I really recommend the book Future Trends For Top Materials written by Prof Mario Calvete. This is a piece of work written in a very concise and didactic manner. It is adequate for beginners and advanced students, mainly for the researchers of heterocycle’s chemistry. The book covers since phthalocyanines and their remarkable properties until porphyrinoids, BODIPY and functionalized nanomaterials and dendrimers. It is very useful reference which was written based on many years of experience in field and covers one of the most important and modern facets of organic chemistry and materials chemistry.”

Prof. Dr. Kleber Thiago de Oliveira
Department of Chemistry,
Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil


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