Chapter 3

Well-Being as the Basic Aim of Social Responsibility

Simona Šarotar Žižek


The contemporary world is full of innovations, causing both good and bad consequences, including different outcomes of well-being. Most well-being problems cannot be resolved with the usual management and/or economic theories and practices that have caused these problems. Therefore, the question is raised: what could be done about the well-being of co-workers, if principles and measures of social responsibility were used? The well-being of individuals, employees, and society can result from technological and non-technological innovations (including honest behavior, care, and an end of abuses by managers in their treatment of employees, business partners, the broader society, and the natural preconditions of humankind’s survival), much more easily than without them. This is significant because people who enjoy well-being feel and work better, thus contributing to requisite holism and success. In this chapter the author presents strategies for enabling the well-being of co-workers in organizations.

Total Pages: 49-76 (28)

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