Editors: Pier P. Claudio, Paraskevi Vogiatzi

Cutting Edge Therapies for Cancer in the 21st Century

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Year of Publication: 2014
DOI: 10.2174/97816080588081140101


Cancer is a broad group of diseases involving unregulated cell growth with elevated death rates as more people live in old age with mass lifestyle changes occurring in the world. The causes of cancer are diverse, complex, and still only partially understood. The chances of surviving the disease vary remarkably by the type and location of the malignancy and the extent of disease at the start of treatment. Early cancer detection is proving to be a valid approach. Cancer can be detected in a number of ways, including the presence of certain signs and symptoms, screening tests, or medical imaging. Cancer therapy is dynamically changing and revision and change in patient management is constant as our knowledge increases. Cancer is routinely treated with chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. Tailored cancer targeted therapy is becoming an emerging objective of today. In this book, a constructive group of cancer research experts bring the reader their shared vision, to give an extensive and realistic view of individual tumors such as breast, oral, prostate, gastric, and neuroendocrine tumors. New and contemporary terms and concepts in genetics and epigenetics, diet, anticancer treatments, and anticancer drug delivery systems are introduced in this volume. This reference highlights present experimental strategies and key findings that enhance our understanding of cancer and of future therapies. This eBook is aimed at a broad audience of undergraduates, medical students, PhDs, cancer researchers, and also cancer patient families with the goal to conceive a curiosity about the subjects presented that will hopefully lead to further studies.

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Uma Sundaram
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Pier Paolo Claudio, Paraskevi Vogiatzi
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iii-vi (4)
Pier Paolo Claudio, Paraskevi Vogiatzi
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Role of Caveolin-1 in Cancer and Therapeutic Implications

- Pp. 3-27 (25)
Gloria Bonuccelli, Philippe G. Frank, Michael P. Lisanti
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Role of Epigenetic Alterations in the Pathogenesis of Cancer: Recent Clinical Trials in Epigenetic Therapy

- Pp. 28-80 (53)
Caterina Cinti, Monia Taranta, Ilaria Naldi, Juan Carlos Trivino Pardo
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Radiation in Cancer Therapy

- Pp. 81-110 (30)
Ana L. Romero-Weaver, Candace M. Howard
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Interferons: Production, Signaling and Uses in Cancer Treatment

- Pp. 111-155 (45)
Ana L. Romero-Weaver
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Use of Energetic Charged Particles in Radiotherapy

- Pp. 156-166 (11)
Marco Durante, Daniela Trani
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Agonist and Antagonist Acting on The Leptin-Leptin Receptor Interface: Present and Future

- Pp. 167-183 (17)
Laszlo Otvos
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Jak2/Stat5a/b Signaling Axis and Novel Therapeutic Strategies in Prostate Cancer

- Pp. 184-218 (35)
Shilpa Gupta, Paraskevi Vogiatzi, David T. Hoang, Marja T. Nevalainen
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Targeting Interleukin-6 for the Treatment of Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

- Pp. 219-252 (34)
Sonia Godoy-Tundidor, Sucharitha Balasubramaniam, Ana Romero- Weaver, Zoran Culig
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Role of Gastrokine 1 in Gastric Cancer: A Potential Diagnostic Marker and Antitumor Drug

- Pp. 253-270 (18)
Maria Irene Scarano, Emili Rippa, Filomena Altieri, Chiara Stella Di Stadio, Giuseppina Miselli, Paolo Arcari
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Nuclear Medicine Spectrum in Neuroendocrine Tumour Management: Molecular-Based Apogee Effectuating Improved Outcomes

- Pp. 271-351 (81)
Pipitsa Valsamaki
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Using Molecular Prognostic Markers as a Basis for Designing Novel Oral Cancer Therapeutics

- Pp. 352-386 (35)
Faizan Alawi, John J. Sauk
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Cancer Therapy May be Improved if Diet Contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids

- Pp. 387-424 (38)
Johannes F. Fahrmann, Theodore R. Witte, W. Elaine Hardman
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Ultrasound Contrast Agents in Cancer Therapy

- Pp. 425-512 (88)
Rounak Nande, Pier Paolo Claudio
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Subject Index

- Pp. 513-519 (7)
Pier Paolo Claudio, Paraskevi Vogiatzi
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