Author: Branko Souček

Better Life and Business: Cell, Brain, Mind and Sex Universal Laws

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ISBN: 978-1-60805-713-9 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2013
DOI: 10.2174/97816080549471130101


Better Life and Business: Cell, Brain, Mind and Sex Universal Laws is an e-book that defines the fascinating new discipline: BRAINLIFEBIZ . BRAINLIFEBIZ combines new discoveries in neurobiology, behavior and medicine with novel concepts related to conscious software programming, automation, system adaptation, module selection , self -organization and automatic discovery. In other words, BRAINLIFEBIZ is a science of the consciousness, bio quantum / random chaos computations, self-organized event trains and processes with several conditions (continuous and discrete; without leadership and central control etc.).

The goal of BRAINLIFEBIZ is to create a perfect computer model that simulates animal and human behavior in a computerized experimental setting. This volume presents simulations of the firefly, cricket, katydid, frog, bird and human prefrontal cortex.

The book breaks across the lines that separate scientific disciplines. It explains the global nature of the specific intelligent systems outlined above. These intelligent systems features include learning, self- organization, fuzzy logic, high speed signal processing and process control. These features are employed to generate an intelligence map. The map presents figures and equations, curves and data for major ‘Elementary Processes’: aggression, mimicry, chaos , trains, pile up, attractions, courting, mating, emotion, reasoning and consciousness . ‘Elementary Processes’ are then simulated to interact with each other and form millions of complex processes explained by universal laws behind the cell, brain, mind, sex. These laws explain, in a new way, natural selection and reproductive success in the local and global society and business. These laws can be applied in a variety of situations - from everyday stress-free life, to intelligent business decision making, but with a solid biomedical and scientific foundation.

The theory behind intelligent systems can be viewed as a complement to the genetic DNA code. The brain generates various brain event trains which allow it to store information in dispersed neural networks (biologically speaking, in 25 billions of neurons some of which with thousands of synapses dispersed over the cortex). The book explains the fast, precise and clear neural diagnostic processas well as the extremely flexible powerful leader mind.

Better Life and Business: Cell, Brain, Mind and Sex Universal Laws is, therefore, a valuable reference for researchers to the fascinating world of natural and man -made intelligent systems and their applications in business situations and personal lives.


Branko Souček
IRIS, Integrated Reasoning Informing and Serving


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