Author: Branko Souček

Better Life and Business: Cell, Brain, Mind and Sex Universal Laws

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Year of Publication: 2013
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Better Life and Business: Cell, Brain, Mind and Sex Universal Laws is an e-book that defines the fascinating new discipline: BRAINLIFEBIZ . BRAINLIFEBIZ combines new discoveries in neurobiology, behavior and medicine with novel concepts related to conscious software programming, automation, system adaptation, module selection , self -organization and automatic discovery. In other words, BRAINLIFEBIZ is a science of the consciousness, bio quantum / random chaos computations, self-organized event trains and processes with several conditions (continuous and discrete; without leadership and central control etc.).

The goal of BRAINLIFEBIZ is to create a perfect computer model that simulates animal and human behavior in a computerized experimental setting. This volume presents simulations of the firefly, cricket, katydid, frog, bird and human prefrontal cortex.

The book breaks across the lines that separate scientific disciplines. It explains the global nature of the specific intelligent systems outlined above. These intelligent systems features include learning, self- organization, fuzzy logic, high speed signal processing and process control. These features are employed to generate an intelligence map. The map presents figures and equations, curves and data for major ‘Elementary Processes’: aggression, mimicry, chaos , trains, pile up, attractions, courting, mating, emotion, reasoning and consciousness . ‘Elementary Processes’ are then simulated to interact with each other and form millions of complex processes explained by universal laws behind the cell, brain, mind, sex. These laws explain, in a new way, natural selection and reproductive success in the local and global society and business. These laws can be applied in a variety of situations - from everyday stress-free life, to intelligent business decision making, but with a solid biomedical and scientific foundation.

The theory behind intelligent systems can be viewed as a complement to the genetic DNA code. The brain generates various brain event trains which allow it to store information in dispersed neural networks (biologically speaking, in 25 billions of neurons some of which with thousands of synapses dispersed over the cortex). The book explains the fast, precise and clear neural diagnostic processas well as the extremely flexible powerful leader mind.

Better Life and Business: Cell, Brain, Mind and Sex Universal Laws is, therefore, a valuable reference for researchers to the fascinating world of natural and man -made intelligent systems and their applications in business situations and personal lives.


Learning, generalization, seeing and recognition are the major features of natural intelligence. Each of these features has been also investigated by science, medicine, business and technology. The ultimate solutions are man-made systems that integrate all these features into: Learning, generalization, seeing, recognition hybrids. These features are inseparable in living organisms. For this reason it is not easy to make computer systems or models for brain and behavior.

The eBook describes in details the Cell, Brain, Mind and Sex Universal Laws, discovered through my research. This has involved several decades of computerized experiments. My findings, theory and computer models have passed through the hurdle of peer review by world’s recognized journals. This eBook presents, for the first time, all my findings linked together.

The eBook offers a new explanation of the Self Organization of Intelligence in the brain and world: space; time; quantum; chaos; random and controllable measurement and processes; deterministic and fuzzy predictability. For this research I have spent fifty years in Institute Ruder Boskovic; University of Zagreb; Brookhaven National Laboratory N.Y.; SUNY; U of AZ. I acknowledge excellent working condition and the stimulating atmosphere.

This eBook defines the new brain, life, business computer inter-discipline: Cell, Brain, Mind and Sex UNIVERSAL LAWS. These laws explain in a new way the natural selection and reproductive success in the cell, brain, mind, sex; as well as in the local and global society and business. The world summits, governments, leaders and scientists are now desperately trying to find the way out from the world business crunch, with little results so far.

This eBook proposes an entirely new way out: BETTER LIFE AND BUSINESS based on the cell, brain, mind, sex Universal laws. These laws lead to the intelligent business; bio technology and bio medicine, bright future; long and happy life; without the world business crunch, unemployment and the climate change. Yet strictly related to the Nature, Biology, Medicine, Science and Applications.

The eBook has been written as a textbook for students, as well as a reference for practicing scientists, medical doctors, engineers, businessmen. This eBook leads to the conflicts of interests and to inevitable changes. This eBook is generating new classes of experts and leaders; of teachers and professors. This eBook is spreading the ideas for new original research, development and projects.

Treatment is kept as straightforward as possible, with emphases on experiments, models, functions, systems and applications. A moderate background, like that offered to undergraduates, is assumed. The eBook can be used to teach these new courses:

Brain like computers, networks and clusters, based on the Cell Brain Mind Sex Universal Laws.

Neurobiology, behavior and medicine, based on the Cell Brain Mind Sex Universal Laws.

Neurobiology, behavior and medicine, based on the brain like computers, networks and clusters.

CONTENT and SUMMARY pages, outline the chapters 1 to 10.

I express my thanks to my wife Snjeska, for her valuable comments on my manuscript; she inspires me all the time with her poetry:

Our children Amalia and Branko encourage us constantly to live and work with joy and optimism.


“I am grateful to PERIODICUM BIOLOGORUM for allowing me to reprint my paper previously published in this journal”.

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