Editor: Kuldip S. Sidhu

Frontiers in Pluripotent Stem Cells Research and Therapeutic Potentials Bench-to-Bedside

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Year of Publication: 2012
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Pluripotent stem cells have garnered tremendous interest in recent years, which is primarily driven by the hope of finding a cure for several debilitating human diseases. Cell transplantation (regeneratve medicine) offers considerable therapeutic potential. The procedure employs pluripotent stem cells as these have the inherent ability to reproduce indefinitely and have the ability to produce over 200 different types of cells constituting the human body. The isolation of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) from embryos and their successful culture in a petri dish in 1998 has been considered as a major breakthrough that is set to shape stem cell research in the 21st century. This has been followed by another remarkable breakthrough in 2006 when scientists demonstrated for the first time that such pluripotent stem cells could be produced from adult somatic tissues without having to use human embryos. These pluripotent stem cells are called the induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. Both hESCs and iPS cells - highly versatile cells – could pave the way for alleviating patients suffering from diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and many more.

This eBook brings together the information from the last decade on stem cells, compiled by reputed research experts. Readers will learn all aspects of pluripotent stem cells from basic biology to their use in understanding disease process, toxicology, drug discovery and in developing therapeutic strategies. Research on these cells, including transitional and translational aspects, is explained with the aid of extensive figures, colour photographs, and tables.

This eBook is a valuable resource for undergraduates, postgraduates, scientists, embryologists, tissue engineers, doctors and biomedical scientists interested in stem cell research and medicine.

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Scientific research continues to add new dimensions to the life of mankind. In the recent years there has been renewed interest in the field of stem cell particularly the embryonic stem cell research at the cutting edge molecular level, and this has given rise to the whole new field of stem cell biotechnology – harnessing their full potentials for alleviating the sufferings of human with diseases for which there is no cure. The rapid expanding knowledge in this area has open up new vistas and products which will affect many aspects of human health at large.

The collection of scholarly written chapters in this eBook focuses on the impact of rapid development in the field of pluripotent stem cells research on human health and many debilitating human diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, macula degeneration and many more where the traditional medical approaches are less than ideal. Because this field of stem cell is becoming so broad, other areas of stem cell biology like pluripotency and disease modelling, tissue engineering, toxicological perspectives, ethics, animal models are also discussed in length to move this field forward from laboratory to clinics.

The future impact of these advances will allow a much greater control over people’s health, and to enhance both the length and quality of their lives. Understanding of the disease process, disease modelling and tissue engineering will be enhanced considerable by using pluripitent stem cells in the future and that will pave the development of cell therapy more quickly.

However, it would be entirely misplaced optimism to believe that such advances will usher in an era of stem cell panacea for all kind of human ailments because with the increase of human life expectancy recently, unexpected diseases may also crop up in the population. At best stem cell field will provide a definitive further strong support towards human health and can offer answers more quickly.

This excellent compilation by the Professor Kuldip Sidhu is very timely when pluripotent stem cells field once again is emerging as an important area of human biotechnology and regenerative medicine with number of more clinical trials in horizon.

Professor Glyn Stacey

Director, UK Stem Cell Bank

EN6 3QG Hertfordshire



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