Editors: Mark A. Lau , Stephen J. Sugden

Applications of Spreadsheets in Education The Amazing Power of a Simple Tool

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Year of Publication: 2011
DOI: 10.2174/97816080527691110101


This e-book is devoted to the use of spreadsheets in the service of education in a broad spectrum of disciplines: science, mathematics, engineering, business, and general education. The effort is aimed at collecting the works of prominent researchers and educators that make use of spreadsheets as a means to communicate concepts with high educational value. The e-book brings some of the most recent applications of spreadsheets in education and research to the fore. To offer the reader a broad overview of the diversity of applications, carefully chosen articles from engineering (power systems and control), mathematics (calculus, differential equations, and probability), science (physics and chemistry), and education are provided. Some of these applications make use of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), a versatile computer language that further expands the functionality of spreadsheets.

The material included in this e-book should inspire readers to devise their own applications and enhance their teaching and/or learning experience.


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Deane Arganbright
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- Pp. ii-iv (3)
Mark Lau, Stephen Sugden
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Mark Lau, Stephen Sugden
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Fault Analysis in Power Systems

- Pp. 3-17 (15)
Mark A. Lau, Sastry P. Kuruganty
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Use of Spreadsheets for Analyses in Structural Engineering

- Pp. 18-40 (23)
Nelson Lam
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Optimal Control of Dynamical Systems

- Pp. 41-63 (23)
Mark A. Lau, William E. Singhose
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Spreadsheet Conditional Formatting Illuminates Investigations into Modular Arithmetic

- Pp. 64-83 (20)
David Miller, Stephen Sugden
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Computational Problem Solving in Context: From Arithmetic Sequences to Polygonal-like Numbers

- Pp. 84-106 (23)
Sergei Abramovich
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Enzyme Kinetics for Novice Learners: Numerical Simulation in Excel

- Pp. 107-115 (9)
Scott A. Sinex, Barbara A. Gage
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Project Management Spreadsheet Gaming Application

- Pp. 116-139 (24)
Wee Leong Lee
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Teaching Portfolio Theory in an Equilibrium Setting with the Aid of Spreadsheet Tools

- Pp. 140-158 (19)
Clarence C.Y. Kwan
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Forecasting with Innovation Diffusion Models: An Updated Example from the Telecommunications Industry 1994-2009

- Pp. 159-172 (14)
John F. Kros, S. Scott Nadler
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School Mathematics with Excel

- Pp. 173-240 (68)
Jan Benacka
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Graduates’ Use of Technical Software in Financial Services

- Pp. 241-260 (20)
Timothy Kyng, Leonie Tickle, Leigh Wood
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Professional Development in Electricity Markets with Spreadsheet Models

- Pp. 261-273 (13)
Elliot Tonkes
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Subject Index

- Pp. 274-279 (6)
Mark A. Lau, Stephen Sugden
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