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Sperm-Mediated Gene Transfer: Concepts and Controversies

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Year of Publication: 2012
DOI: 10.2174/97816080523701120101


Sperm-mediated gene transfer (SMGT) represents a novel set of technologies for animal (or in the future, human) genetic modification using the sperm as a vector, as opposed to more traditional established routes such as fertilized eggs or embryonic stem cells.

Studies of sperm-mediated gene transfer (SMGT) indicate that sperm cells possess the ability to be utilized as carriers of exogenous genetic sequences, offering the potential of a novel cost-effective route for germline genetic modification. The fate of transgenes borne by sperm cells has been inconsistent, and analysis of offspring from SMGT experiments has shown a mixed picture in terms of genomic integration of the transgene, suggesting an episomal mode of inheritance. Various distinct steps in transgene uptake by the sperm cell have been described or proposed, including a model based upon endogenous reverse transcriptase activity. Although mature sperm cells are naturally protected against uptake of foreign nucleic acid molecules, certain environmental conditions, for example at key times within the reproductive tract, may reduce this protection, suggesting that SMGT may occasionally take place in nature. If correct, this carries profound implications for evolution and human genetic health. This e-book brings together theoretical and empirical reviews from experts in SMGT, providing comprehensive coverage of the major trends, developments and controversies in this novel field. This e-book is intended as a reference for professional researchers in the field of animal genetic modification (transgenesis) as well as teachers, scientists and physicians interested in medical genetics in general and gene therapy in particular.

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Ann A. Kiessling
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Kevin R. Smith
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List of Contributors

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Kevin R. Smith
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Sperm-Mediated Gene Transfer: History and Background

- Pp. 3-11 (9)
Corrado Spadafora
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SMGT Research Findings: An Overview

- Pp. 12-25 (14)
Ilaria Sciamanna, Corrado Spadafora
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Evolutionary Implications of SMGT

- Pp. 26-32 (7)
Kevin R. Smith
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Sperm-Mediated Gene Transfer: Implications for Biotechnology and Medicine

- Pp. 33-42 (10)
Michael Hölker, Nasser Ghanem, Dawit Tesfaye, Karl Schellander
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Methodology of Sperm-Mediated Gene Transfer

- Pp. 43-55 (13)
Yidong Niu
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Murine SMGT: An Overview of Research

- Pp. 56-63 (8)
Xiaofeng Sun, Wei Shen
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Sperm-Mediated Gene Transfer in Aquatic Species: Present, Past and Future

- Pp. 64-75 (12)
Carlos Frederico Ceccon Lanes, Luis Fernando Marins
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Sperm-Mediated Gene Transfer in Agricultural Species

- Pp. 76-91 (16)
Joaquin Gadea, Francisco Alberto Garcia-Vazquez, Sebastian Canovas, John Parrington
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Manipulation of Sperm for Efficient Production of Transgenic Calves and Chicks

- Pp. 92-102 (11)
Mordechai Shemesh, Laurence Shore, Yehuda Stram, Eliane Harel-Markowitz, Michael Gurevich
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The Use of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) for Gene Transfer in Mice

- Pp. 103-111 (9)
Raúl Fernández-González, Pablo Bermejo-Álvarez, Miriam Pérez-Crespo, Alberto Miranda,, Ricardo, Laguna, Celia Frutos, Alfonso Gutiérrez-Adán
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Nanobiotechnology and SMGT: Future Perspectives

- Pp. 112-116 (5)
Vinicius Farias Campos, Fabiana Kömmling Seixas, Odir A. Dellagostin, João Carlos Deschamps, Tiago Collares
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Models of Transgene Integration and Transmission

- Pp. 117-124 (8)
Ilaria Sciamanna, Corrado Spadafora
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- Pp. 125-130 (6)
Kevin R. Smith
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- Pp. 131
Kevin R. Smith
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