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Air Pollution: Economic Modelling and Control Policies

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Year of Publication: 2011
DOI: 10.2174/97816080521721110101


Environmental pollution has received the attention of both economists and ecologists who have integrated their ideas and concepts in recent decades. Production and consumption of material goods generates residuals that are disposed in the environment. Air emissions constitute one of the most important residuals, including greenhouse gases, as well as localized substances toxic to human health and the environment. How economic activity affects gas emissions is valuable information for pollution control and is extremely useful for defining and implementing successful environmental policies, aimed at improving the global efficiency of an economy.

The e-book presents the relationship between economic activities and air pollution. It describes research contributions focused on showing the properties and the usefulness of National Accounting Matrices with Environmental Accounts (NAMEA). Additionally, demonstrates the most recent advances in the input-output methodology and linear extended multisectorial models to capture the gas emissions processes with empirical applications of these methods to specific countries. The contents of the e-book make it an interesting platform of new knowledge for both academic public and people in national agencies of environmental regulation.


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Antonio Manresa
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Maria Llop
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Maria Llop
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Determinant Sectors of CO2 Emissions in Spain: An Input-Output Analysis Approach

- Pp. 1-12 (12)
Vicent Alcantara
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Measuring Sectoral Share of Green House Gases (GHGs) Emissions from Fossil Fuel Consumption and Offering Solutions: The Case of Turkey

- Pp. 13-30 (18)
Niaz Ahmed Bhutto, Selim Cagatay
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Atmospheric Emissions and Structural Path Analysis in the Spanish Economy

- Pp. 31-45 (15)
Isabela Butnar, Blanca Gallego, Maria Llop, Francesc Castells
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Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions in the Spanish Economy

- Pp. 46-64 (19)
M. Alejandro Cardenete, Patricia D. Fuentes Saguar
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Hybrid IO Analysis of CO2 Emissions: An Application to the Portuguese Economy

- Pp. 65-95 (31)
Luis Cruz, Eduardo Barata
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Compilation of Greek Regional Nameas and Emission Intensities for the Year 2005

- Pp. 96-111 (16)
Charalambos Economidis, Nikos Stromplos, Athanasios Sfetsos
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An Analysis of Primary Energy Requirements and Emission Levels Using the Structural Decomposition Approach: The Spanish Case

- Pp. 112-131 (20)
Ana-Isabel Guerra, Ferran Sancho
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Measuring the Air Pollution of Tourism: An Input-Output Model for the Campania Region

- Pp. 132-148 (17)
Maria Llop, Simona Sabena
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Input-Output Table for Environmental Analysis of Japan: Construction and Application Study to Solar Power Satellites

- Pp. 149-174 (26)
Satoshi Nakano, Keiichiro Asakura
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Maria Llop
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