Editors: Elisabetta Tosti, Raffaele Boni

Oocyte Maturation and Fertilization: A long history for a short event

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Year of Publication: 2011
DOI: 10.2174/97816080518231110101


Events of reproduction occurring from meiotic resumption of the immature oocyte up to its exit from the second meiotic block following activation will be revealed. Morphological modifications of the oocyte during maturation will be related to signal transduction mechanisms involving primary or secondary messengers. A detailed view will be addressed to genetic and epigenetic control of oocyte maturation. At fertilization, reciprocal gamete activation and novel knowledge related to sperm factor and cascade mechanisms occurring in the oocyte will be focused. A detailed description of ion currents occurring during fertilization will depict another point of view of oocyte activation mechanisms, further supporting for their complexity.

Finally, all basic information related to this short time lapse will be considered in relation to clinical application of assisted reproductive technologies. New frontiers, such as stem cells and cloning technologies, will be analyzed and future applications and improvements will be hypothesised.

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Ryuzo Yanagimachi
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Elisabetta Tosti, Raffaele Boni
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Elisabetta Tosti, Raffaele Boni, Raffaele Boni
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Key Words

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Elisabetta Tosti, Raffaele Boni, Raffaele Boni
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Elisabetta Tosti, Raffaele Boni, Raffaele Boni
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Electron Microscopy of Mammalian Oocyte Development, Maturation and Fertilization

- Pp. 1-37 (37)
Poul Hyttel
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Intra- and Intercellular Molecular Mechanisms in Regulation of Meiosis in Murid Rodents

- Pp. 38-63 (26)
Alex Tsafriri, Nava Dekel
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The Enhancers of Oocyte Competence

- Pp. 64-70 (7)
Yves JR. Menezo, Kay Elder
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Genomic Regulation through RNA in Oocyte Maturation of Large Mammals

- Pp. 71-79 (9)
Marc-Andre Sirard*
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Meiotic Regulation by Maturation Promoting Factor and Cytostatic Factor in the Oocyte

- Pp. 80-92 (13)
Gian Luigi Russo, Stefania Bilotto, Francesco Silvestre
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Gamete Binding and Fusion

- Pp. 93-103 (11)
Young-Joo Yi, Peter Sutovsky
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Ionic Events at Fertilization

- Pp. 104-120 (17)
Brian Dale, Martin Wilding
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Recent Advances in the Understanding of the Molecular Effectors of Mammalian Egg Activation

- Pp. 121-134 (14)
Christopher Malcuit, Rafael A. Fissore
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In Vitro Fertilisation

- Pp. 135-148 (14)
Kay Elder
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Current State of the Art in Large Animal Cloning: Any Lesson?

- Pp. 149-155 (7)
Pasqualino Loi, Grazyna Ptak
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Stem Cells from Oocytes and Oocytes from Stem Cells

- Pp. 156-166 (11)
Fulvio Gandolfi, Georgia Pennarossa, Arianna Vanelli, Mahbubur M. Rahman, Tiziana A.L. Brevini
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- Pp. 167-175 (9)
Elisabetta Tosti, Raffaele Boni
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