Editors: Filipe Vaz, Nicolas Martin, Martin Fenker

Metallic Oxynitride Thin Films by Reactive Sputtering and Related Deposition Methods: Process, Properties and Applications

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ISBN: 978-1-60805-157-1 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2013
DOI: 10.2174/97816080515641130101


Oxynitride thin film technology is rapidly impacting a broad spectrum of applications, ranging from decorative functions (through optoelectronics) to corrosion resistance. Developing a better understanding of the relationships between deposition processes, structure and composition of the deposited films is critical to the continued evolution of these applications. This e-book provides valuable information about the process modeling, fabrication and characterization of metallic oxynitride-based thin films produced by reactive sputtering and some related deposition processes. Its contents are spread in twelve main and concise chapters through which the book thoroughly reviews the bases of oxynitride thin film technology and deposition processes, sputtering processes and the resulting behaviors of these oxynitride thin films. More importantly, the solutions for the growth of oxynitride technology are given in detail with an emphasis on some particular compounds. This is a valuable resource for academic learners studying materials science and industrial coaters, who are concerned not only about fundamental aspects of oxynitride synthesis, but also by their innate material characteristics.


Due to their excellent physical, chemical and mechanical properties, metal oxynitride coatings hold considerable promise for a very wide range of applications, from electronic devices through to tribological surfaces for cutting tools. This text sets out, for the first time together in a single book, leading-edge research into the modelling, deposition and applications of oxynitride thin films. The layout of the book is wellstructured, moving from modelling and simulation, through film synthesis and then to applications issues. The Chapters are all written by leading experts in this research field and the book is edited by three leading research specialists in advanced coating processes: Prof. Filipe Vaz, Prof. Nicolas Martin and Dr. Martin Fenker.

There is a need, in the case of all possible applications for oxynitride coatings, to develop improved deposition methods which allow the achievement of desired coating properties through effective control of structures and phase compositions. Therefore the papers in the book form a vital body of research which points the way forward not only for specific oxynitrides, but also provides generic information which will be applicable across all possible combinations of elements within this materials system. The Chapters are at the leading edge in their respective subject areas, and include comprehensive information on different deposition methods and how they can be used to optimise specific coating systems and achieve precise properties and to fulfil the needs of different applications.

The book is particularly useful as it includes information on the background history and previously published literature on particular coatings and processes. It therefore provides the reader with the knowledge needed to understand and develop metal oxynitride deposition processes, supported by an understanding of previous work in the field. It is invaluable to those who are just entering this research area, as well as those who have been actively researching metal oxynitrides for some time.

This book is a vital text for anyone who has an interest in the production, analysis and use of metal oxyntride thin films.

Allan Matthews
Surface Engineering
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
University of Sheffield
Sheffield, UK


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