Editors: Geeta Rani, Vijaypal Singh Dhaka, Pradeep Kumar Tiwari

Disease Prediction using Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Analytics

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ISBN: 978-981-5179-13-2 (Print)
ISBN: 978-981-5179-12-5 (Online)
Year of Publication: 2024
DOI: 10.2174/97898151791251240101


This book is a comprehensive review of technologies and data in healthcare services. It features a compilation of 10 chapters that inform readers about the recent research and developments in this field. Each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of healthcare services, highlighting the potential impact of technology on enhancing practices and outcomes.

The main features of the book include 1) referenced contributions from healthcare and data analytics experts, 2) a broad range of topics that cover healthcare services, and 3) demonstration of deep learning techniques for specific diseases.

The book is a resource for learners and professionals in healthcare service training programs and health administration departments.

Key topics:

  • - Federated learning in analysis of sensitive healthcare data while preserving privacy and security.
  • - Artificial intelligence for 3-D bone image reconstruction.
  • - Detection of disease severity and creating personalized treatment plans using machine learning and software tools
  • - Case studies for disease detection methods for different disease and conditions, including dementia, asthma, eye diseases
  • - Brain-computer interfaces
  • - Data mining for standardized electronic health records
  • - Data collection, management, and analysis in epidemiological research


Learners and professionals in healthcare service training programs and health administration departments.


It is my pleasure to write the foreword for the book titled “Disease Prediction using Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Analytics”. The book covers the role of machine learning in boosting the immunity of a person, role of federated learning in healthcare, role of data mining in developing a medical support system, and role of AI in establishing interaction between human brain and computer.

This book covers the detection of diabetic retinopathy using machine learning algorithms, deep learning based model for conversion of 2-D images into to 3-D images, developing a decision support system for prediction of asthma attack, early prediction of eye diseases, computer-aided bio-medical tools for disease identification, deep learning based systems for medical data classification and AI-based chatbot system for healthcare industry.

The book “Disease Prediction using Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Analytics”, gives a clear idea about the deep learning techniques employed for analysis and classification of imagery data. The data mining algorithms for knowledge extraction and feature extraction techniques attract the readers working in the field of medical image analysis. The book provides the mechanisms involved in designing and developing the clinical decision support systems.

“Disease Prediction using Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Analytics”, is a must read book for the academicians, researchers and students working in the field of applications of machine learning and deep learning for disease diagnosis and prognosis. The book is important to read for the clinical experts who are keen to adopt the techno-tools as assistants for diagnosis and prognosis of diseases.

I would like to congratulate the Editor in Chief, Dr. Geeta Rani and Associate Editors, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Tiwari and Dr. Vijaypal Singh Dhaka for bringing the ideas of academicians and research community together at a single platform. I strongly believe that their expertise in the field of machine learning, cloud computing and medical image analysis will be effective in attracting the readers in the field.

Dharm Singh Jat
Namibia University of Science & Technology
Windhoek, Namibia