Editors: Thirunavukkarasu Sivaraman, V. Subramanian Thangarasu, Ganesan Balakrishnan

Marvels of Artificial and Computational Intelligence in Life Sciences

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ISBN: 978-981-5136-81-4 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2023
DOI: 10.2174/97898151368071230101


Marvels of Artificial and Computational Intelligence in Life Sciences is a primer for scholars and students who are interested in the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and computational intelligence (CI) in life sciences and other industries. The book consists of 16 chapters (9 of which focus on AI and 7 of which showcase the benefits of CI approaches to solve specific problems). Chapters are edited by subject experts who describe the roles and applications of AI and CI in different parts of our lives in a concise and lucid manner.

The book covers the following key themes:

  • - AI Revolution in Healthcare and Drug Discovery
  • - AI's Impact on Biology and Energy Management
  • - AI and CI in Physical Sciences and Predictive Modeling
  • - Computational Biology

The editors have compiled a good blend of topics in applied science and engineering to give readers a clear understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of the two facets of computing. Each chapter includes references for advanced readers


At present, we are living in a technology-advanced world, which was not dreamt of by most of us when we were in our childhood. Similarly, how many of us are dreaming about the world that would be in the next century? In everyday life, we are using many non-living things that are functioning on par with human actions: alarm clocks, air-conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, micro ovens, rice cookers, TV remotes, speed controllers for vehicles, smart watch/phone/TV and so on. In science, performing computational analysis before starting any research work is becoming mandatory to design and complete the tasks smartly. In general, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is dealing with simulations of human processes by a combination of mechanical, electrical, biological and computer engineering in particular. Computational approaches help to speed up calculation processes, which may be either simple mathematics or complex mathematics accounting for various physical forces acting on object(s). Thus, AI, a higher version of computational analysis, is becoming indispensable from sophisticated science and general lifestyle standpoints: For instance, robots in industries, in defense forces, and so on. Simply, it is the order of the day for humankind that a person cannot live without the influence of artificial intelligence and its applications.

With this background, we brought this book titled "Marvels of Artificial and Computational Intelligence in Life Sciences" for young aspiring candidates who have intellectual enthusiasm to pursue a career in the subject areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and computational approaches (CA). The book consists of 16 chapters (9 and 7 chapters are under the headings of AI & CA, respectively) describing the roles and applications of AI and CA in the different parts of our life systematically and lucidly. As you can refer, the contents are a good blend of topics in such a way the readers would clearly understand the multi-disciplinary nature of the emerging fields. The first 9 chapters of the book deal with the applications of AI in disease surveillance, disease diagnosis, drug discovery, drug design, home appliances, bio farms, power engineering & CAD modeling. The next 7 chapters of the book deal with the uniqueness of CA in identifying inhibitors to various druggable protein molecules, in health care systems, in numerical simulations, and data analysis of biophysical experiments. We trust that this book throws light on the things to come in the years to go. Let us all celebrate smartness and be in line with advanced technologies.

Taking this opportunity, the Editors would like to thank all authors of the book chapters for their sincere contributions, and anonymous reviewers for their constructive and perspective comments on the book chapters in their previous versions, which are the combined prime factors behind the present scientific merit of the book. The Editors express heartfelt thanks to the Editorial board and professional members of the Bentham Science Publishers for their intellectual encouragement, technical support, and entrepreneurship patronage for successfully bringing the book in all possible ways. The Editors also thank all the personnel, well-wishers, and almighty, who are behind this achievement.

Constructive suggestions on any parts of the book may be sent to the Editors and as well to the Publishers, and those suggestions will be addressed in future editions of the book.

Thirunavukkarasu Sivaraman
Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engineering College
Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Group of Institutions
Perambalur - 621212
Tamil Nadu, India

V. Subramanian Thangarasu
Indra Ganesan College of Engineering
Manikandam, Tiruchirapalli – 620012
Tamil Nadu, India


Ganesan Balakrishnan
Indra Ganesan Institutions
Manikandam, Tiruchirapalli – 620012
Tamil Nadu, India