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Series Title: Sustainable Materials

Bioremediation for Environmental Pollutants

Volume 1

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ISBN: 978-981-5123-50-0 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2023
DOI: 10.2174/97898151234941230101


Increased industrial and agricultural activity has led to the contamination of the earth's soil and groundwater resources with hazardous chemicals. The presence of heavy metals, dyes, fluorides, dissolved solids, and many other pollutants used in industry and agriculture are responsible for hazardous levels of water pollution. The removal of these pollutants in water resources is challenging. Bioremediation is a new technique that employs living organisms, usually bacteria and fungi, to remove pollutants from soil and water, preferably in situ. This approach is more cost-effective than traditional techniques, such as incineration of soils and carbon filtration of water. It requires understanding how organisms consume and transform polluting chemicals, survive in polluted environments, and how they should be employed in the field.

Bioremediation for Environmental Pollutants discusses the latest research in green chemistry and practices and principles involved in quality improvement of water by remediation. It covers different aspects of environmental problems and their remedies with up-to-date developments in the field of bioremediation of industrial/environmental pollutants. Volume 1 focuses on the bioremediation of heavy metals, pesticides, textile dyes removal, petroleum hydrocarbon, microplastics and plastics.

Audience: This book is invaluable for researchers and scientists in environmental science, environmental microbiology, and waste management. It also serves as a learning resource for graduate and undergraduate students in environmental science, microbiology, limnology, freshwater ecology, and microbial biotechnology.


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List of Contributors

- Pp. ii-iv (3)

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Jayalakshmi Krishnan*
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Microbial Remediation of Heavy Metals

- Pp. 1-41 (41)
R. Gayathri, J. Ranjitha, V. Shankar*
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Removal of Heavy Metals using Microbial Bioremediation

- Pp. 42-64 (23)
Deepesh Tiwari, Athar Hussain*, Sunil Kumar Tiwari, Salman Ahmed, Mohd. Wajahat Sultan, Mohd. Imran Ahamed
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Bioremediation of Heavy Metal in Paper Mill Effluent

- Pp. 65-96 (32)
Priti Gupta*
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Bioremediation of Pesticides

- Pp. 97-117 (21)
Praveen Kumar Yadav*, Kamlesh Kumar Nigam, Shishir Kumar Singh, Ankit Kumar, S. Swarupa Tripathy
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Biosurfactants for Biodégradation

- Pp. 118-136 (19)
Telli Alia*
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Potential Application of Biological Treatment Methods in Textile Dyes Removal

- Pp. 137-180 (44)
Rustiana Yuliasni, Bekti Marlena, Nanik Indah Setianingsih, Abudukeremu Kadier*, Setyo Budi Kurniawan, Dongsheng Song, Peng-Cheng Ma
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Fungal Bioremediation of Pollutants

- Pp. 181-237 (57)
Evans C. Egwim*, Oluwafemi A. Oyewole, Japhet G. Yakubu
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Antifouling Nano Filtration Membrane

- Pp. 238-270 (33)
Sonalee Das*, Lakshmi Unnikrishnan
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Microbes and their Genes involved in Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon

- Pp. 271-298 (28)
Debajit Borah*, Bhaskarjyoti Gogoi, Indukalpa Das, Shamima Begum, Gargi Dutta, Rupesh Kumar
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Application and Major Challenges of Microbial Bioremediation of Oil Spill in Various Environments

- Pp. 299-331 (33)
Abudukeremu Kadier*, Rustiana Yuliasni, Setyo Budi Kurniawan, Siti Rozaimah Sheikh Abdullah, Peng-Cheng Ma, Bekti Marlena, Nanik Indah Setianingsih, Dongsheng Song, Ali Moertopo Simbolon
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Bioremediation of Hydrocarbons

- Pp. 332-405 (74)
Grace N. Ijoma, Weiz Nurmahomed, Tonderayi S. Matambo, Charles Rashama, Joshua Gorimbo*
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Microbial Bioremediation of Microplastics

- Pp. 406-432 (27)
Manish Kumar Singh, Younus Raza Beg, Gokul Ram Nishad, Priyanka Singh*
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Microbial Degradation of Plastics

- Pp. 433-450 (18)
Geetanjali, Vikram Singh, Ram Singh*
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Characteristic Features of Plastic Microbial Degradation

- Pp. 451-492 (42)
Soumyaranjan Senapati, Sreelipta Das, Alok Kumar Panda*
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Subject Index

- Pp. 493-499 (7)
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