Editors: Vandana S. Nikam, Sujata P. Sawarkar, Girish B. Mahajan, Supriya G. Jagtap

Natural Immunomodulators: Promising Therapy for Disease Management

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ISBN: 978-981-5123-26-5 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2023
DOI: 10.2174/97898151232581230101


Natural Immunomodulators: Promising Therapy for Disease Management discusses the use of natural immunomodulators as a promising therapy for managing various diseases.

The book begins with an introduction to the immune system and the ways in which it can be modulated. This is followed by a discussion on the various diseases and disorders associated with the immune system, including autoimmune disorders, allergies, and immune deficiency conditions.

The natural sources of immunomodulators, including plants, herbs, and other natural substances is also explained along with the importance of standardizing natural immunomodulator drugs, including the methods used to ensure their quality and consistency.

The book also delves into the chemistry and analytical techniques used to study immunomodulators, clinical and pre-clinical bioassays. The next couple of chapters focus on the use of natural immunomodulators in cancer, the therapy of cancer and infectious diseases. Drug delivery and the strategy and regulatory perspective for natural immunomodulators. The final 2 chapters round up the contents with information about synthetic immunomodulators and the future perspective for the use of immunomodulators in disease management.

Natural Immunomodulators: Promising Therapy for Disease Management is a comprehensive guide to the use of natural immunomodulators as a therapy for various diseases, and is a valuable resource for professionals and students interested in this topic. The book is aimed at health care professionals such as medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and life science and nutritionist professionals, as well as students.


Health care professionals such as medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and life science and nutritionist professionals, as well as students.


Immunomodulatory drugs, of both natural and synthetic origin, are increasingly being researched & developed for the treatment of human diseases, together with inflammatory disorders. In the post-SARS-CoV-2 pandemic of 2020, the research in immunomodulators has been found to be increased. The significance of such compounds, which focus on modulation of our immune status over remedial drugs, has been realized. Regardless of its extraordinary efficiency and specificity, the distortion of immune responses can be accountable for several disorders, such as autoimmune diseases, allergies, immunosuppression, and AIDS. Immunomodulators play a key role in diming such disorders too. In the past ten years (2011 to 2021), there have been several hundred reviews either on immunomodulators or combined with vaccines and adjuvants. However, a comprehensive book exclusively on all aspects of immunomodulators was needed for the clinicians, researchers, and Pharma & Biopharma professionals. Eminent and well-experienced professors, researchers, bioscience industry professionals, and technologists from India congregate to review this in the form of a comprehensive book. The book with the title “Natural Immunomodulators: promising therapy for disease management” encompasses all aspects such as ways of modulating immunity, diseases & disorders related to immunity, natural & synthetic immunomodulators, related analytical techniques, bioassays, and other methods for immunomodulators in the preclinical and clinical setting, delivery of immunomodulators: challenges and novel approaches, marketing strategy and regulatory perspectives, future path, and perspectives, etc. A glance through the twelve chapters reveals the vastness of the work on immunomodulators and their significance for mankind. The content of the book is like a crisp encyclopedia on the topic. The distinguished editorial team has refined the content to make it a ready one-stop reference for researchers, investors, bioscience & biotech professionals, vaccine developers, students, clinicians, etc. All the authors with decades of proficiency in the medical and clinical field put all their best effort to encompass the key literature in the past two decades along with representative historical aspects. I look upon this book as a high-impact reference.

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