Editors: Muhammad Ehsan Rana, Manoj Jayabalan

Emerging Technologies for Digital Infrastructure Development

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ISBN: 978-981-5080-96-4 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2023
DOI: 10.2174/97898150809571230101


Emerging Technologies for Digital Infrastructure Development is a comprehensive and insightful book that reviews the transformative impact of cutting-edge technologies on the digital landscape. It presents 16 topics, from e-commerce consumer behavior to AI applications in healthcare and cybersecurity, this book offers a detailed overview of the role of technology in shaping the modern world. With a focus on bridging the digital divide in education, the book presents innovative solutions to contemporary challenges. The editors also emphasize the importance of privacy and security in an interconnected world by discussing cybersecurity measures and threat detection strategies. The book serves as a valuable resource for technology professionals, researchers, and academics, offering a deep dive into the latest trends and applications in digital infrastructure. It also caters to business leaders, policy makers, and students seeking to understand the transformative potential of emerging technologies.

Key technologies highlighted in the book include machine learning and AI models, IoT, data analytics, recommendation systems and e-learning systems. Applications of these technologies are demonstrated for healthcare, e-commerce, cybersecurity, aviation and education sectors.

Emerging Technologies for Digital Infrastructure Development offers insights and solutions that pave the way for a secure, efficient, and inclusive digital future.

Audience: Readers, students, policy makers interested in digital transformation initiatives in healthcare, education, e-commerce and other services industries.


This book contains a collection of chapters related to emerging technologies for socio-economic and secure infrastructure development in computer science and systems perspectives. This book is intended for those seeking advanced knowledge to conduct research and/or development.

There were 16 informative and scientifically proven chapters in this book, covering both areas of socio-economic and secure infrastructure development. Each article holds specific knowledge, with empirical analysis and scientifically proven for readers’ better understanding and replication. These articles focused on areas such as system performance, tracking and monitoring, analytics, internet of things (IoT) environment, and web applications for the emerging technologies scope, while areas focused on system security are such as sentiment analysis, cyber security, intrusion detection, privacy and fake/deepfake handling.

Hopefully, this book will be the source of reference to recent emerging technologies implementation and advancement in catering to socio-economic and software security horizons.

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Rodziah Atan, Ph.D., P.Tech. (IT) Head, Lab of Halal Policy and Management
Halal Products Research Institute (HPRI) & Dept. of Software Engineering and Information Systems
Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology Universiti Putra Malaysia
43400 Serdang
Selangor, Malaysia