Editors: Satyawan Damle, Ritesh Kalaskar, Dhanashree Sakhare

Illustrated Pediatric Dentistry - Part 2

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ISBN: 978-981-5080-78-0 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2023
DOI: 10.2174/97898150807731230101


Illustrated Pediatric Dentistry is intended to be a text book for enhancing the knowledge and understanding of paediatric dentistry amongst undergraduate and postgraduate students. This textbook is updated with the latest information on techniques employed in paediatric dentistry. Chapters in this part cover primary paediatric dentistry, its clinical aspects, preventive dentistry, and information about the latest trends prevalent in this specialty field of dentistry. The text will equip readers with the knowledge suited to the changing environment of this vital domain. The editor of this textbook has over forty-four years of teaching experience in paediatric dentistry and is able to successfully impart a broad perspective of the subject through the book’s contents. This textbook is the amalgamation of the experience and knowledge of various subject experts that command a high international reputation.

Part 2 covers orofacial swelling, pediatric space management, interceptive orthodontics and myofunctional therapy, gingival and periodontal diseases, oral hygiene, minimum intervention dentistry (MID), molar incisor hypoplasia (MIH), restorative dentistry, and oral examination and diagnostic aids used in pediatric dentistry.

Key Features:

- The 15, structured chapters present the latest trends in paediatric dentistry

- The book content is illustrated with quality clinical images,

- Chapters cover contemporary concepts of problems experienced when treating multiple dental disorders in young patients

- Contributions from subject experts present distinct clinical expertise and a unique style of imparting important current knowledge to budding professionals

- The book includes modern and current state-of-the-art techniques used in the clinic

- Topic outlines throughout the book will greatly help readers to quickly locate and review the content. Contents of the book are very well structured and presented in a lucid manner, making it easy to understand.


It is my great pleasure to pen down a foreword for this tremendous book on Pediatric Dentistry for a legend and doyen of the subject, a mentor and guide to the brightest of minds in the field of dentistry.

Rising from the fundamentals, comprehensive in-built, contemporary and authoritative in construct and approach, and hands-on to the core, Illustrated Pediatric Dentistry is a wonderful work engineered by some of the best-known academics in this noble realm. The chief author, Professor Satyawan Damle , is a colossus among giants, having been a celebrated teacher, distinguished leader, and dynamic policymaker at several dental institutions and universities, including the most prized, the University of Mumbai.

Prof. Satyawan Damle is the rare blend of a gifted clinician and a carved-out academic guru whose intellect has emerged with decades of practice. It is no secret that the degree of acquisition of knowledge by students is one of the measures of the effectiveness of a medical curriculum; and with Pediatric Dentistry being one of the crucial epicentres of growth, it has the potential to make momentous advancements in the evolutionary trajectory of oral and general health.

His co-editors Ritesh Kalaskar, Dhanashree Sakhare and Abdulkadeer Jetpurwala are examples excellence in their arena. The work reflects their collective understanding of where pediatric dentistry stands today, what have been the treasures and well-kept secrets of the past, and where this tree of knowledge finds fruition today pawing way for the future.

Embedding best care practices of all times, Illustrated Pediatric Dentistry is a comprehensive yet concise work, which fulfils the essentials of the pediatric dentistry curriculum both for graduates and postgraduates across all universities.

Walking you through the nitty-gritties of preventive, curative and restorative childhood dentistry, be it the behavioral challenges, cariology, endodontics, traumatology, para-surgical themes such as the use of conscious sedation and general anaesthesia at that age, and the management of medically compromised children, the work is a tree of knowledge, nurtured with experiential learning, and carries wonderful blossoms of practical wisdom.

Let us savour and celebrate the chef-d’oeuvre. Indeed, Illustrated Pediatric Dentistry is a must-read and must-assimilate work for each one of us. Students, practitioners and teachers of Pediatric dentistry will cherish it as a treasured possession on their shelves. I congratulate Prof. Damle and Bentham Science, Singapore, for publishing this irreplaceable tome.

Prof. (Dr.) Mahesh Verma
Guru Gobind Singh
Indraprastha University,
New Delhi,


I am delighted to write this foreword for a Book of Illustrated Pediatric Dentistry authored by Professor Satyawan Damle and other academicians. Prof. Satyawan Damle is a well-known researcher and academician with over 44 years of clinical and teaching experience in Dentistry. Besides the several posts and hats he wore in the various roles he played for the profession, he is also a recipient of several awards and recognitions, including the Lifetime Achievement Awards, Outstanding Public Servant Awards, and Research Awards and Fellowships. He is an active member of the Indian Council of Medical Research. Despite his extraordinary achievements as a Pediatric dentist, researcher, and academician, Prof Satyawan Damle will always be known as the longest-serving chief editor of Indexed journals. For almost 35 years. He dedicated himself to overseeing the publication of the highest-quality peer-reviewed studies and opinion pieces on child dental health.

Prof. Damle is actively involved in writing several books on Pediatric Dentistry and Dentistry, which is the testimony of his in-depth knowledge of the subject. The Book of Illustrated Pediatric Dentistry is their new venture initiated by him. I am confident that this book will be accepted by students and faculty involved in teaching Pediatric Dentistry. His work as a teacher, researcher, innovator, visionary and extraordinary academician made him a legend. His role as a mentor and friend made him a role model to those of us who know him and worked with him. His legacy persists not only in academics but also as an able administrator, as he proved his mettle as the Dean of a dental school, Director of Medical Education, Joint Municipal.

Commissioner of Mumbai and, ultimately, the Vice Chancellor of a University. Prof. Damle has worked conscientiously and untiringly to present an unmatched educational endeavour. The topics in this book display a clear and succinct clinical expertise and the capability of imparting updated education and information to Oral Health Professionals. The entire volume of this book deals with ultramodern and current state-of-the-art techniques. I take this opportunity to congratulate Prof. Satyawan Damle and his team of contributors - Ritesh Kalaskar, Abdulkadeer Jetpurwala and Dhanashree Sakhare for publishing this Textbook for Bentham Science.

Dr. Ashok Dhoble
Indian Dental Association H.O.
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400025,