Editor: Andrés Fraguela-Collar

Moving From COVID-19 Mathematical Models to Vaccine Design: Theory, Practice and Experiences

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Year of Publication: 2022
DOI: 10.2174/97898150519021220101
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This compendium represents a set of guides to understanding the challenging scientific, epidemiological, clinical, social, and economic phenomenon that is represented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The book explains the mathematical modeling of COVID-19 infection, with emphasis on traditional epidemiological principles. It represents a rigorous, comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to a complex phenomenon. The chapters take into account the knowledge arising from different disciplines (epidemiology, pathophysiology, immunology, medicine, biology, vaccine development, etc.). It also covers COVID-19 data analysis, giving the reader a perspective of statistics and data science, and includes a discussion about social and economic issues of the pandemic. Each chapter is devoted to a specific topic, and is contributed by experts in epidemiology.

Because of its multidisciplinary nature, this book is intended as a reference on mathematical models and basic immunotherapy for COVID-19 for a broad community of readers, from scholars who have scientific training, to general readers who have an interest in the disease.

Audience: Readers from all scientific and general backgrounds who want to understand the issues in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Foreword I

- Pp. i-iii (3)
Pablo Kuri-Morales
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Foreword II

- Pp. iv-v (2)
Alfredo G. Torres
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Foreword III

- Pp. vi-vii (2)
Victoriano Gabriel Covarrubias Salvatori
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- Pp. viii-xi (4)
Andrés Fraguela-Collar
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- Pp. xii

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List of Contributors

- Pp. xiii-xx (8)

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An Approach to COVID-19: Current Results, Perspectives and its Study with Mathematical and Computational Modeling Tools

- Pp. 1-108 (108)
Andres Fraguela-Collar*, Moises Soto-Bajo, Raul Felipe Sosa
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Epidemiology of COVID-19

- Pp. 109-144 (36)
Mar´ıa Eugenia Jimenez-Corona*, Manlio F. Marquez-Murillo
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COVID-19 Pathophysiology, Clinical Manifestations, and Drug Treatment

- Pp. 145-206 (62)
Daniel Manzur Sandoval*, Gustavo Rojas-Velasco, Efren Melano Carranza, Camelia Cruz Rodr´ıguez, Arturo Arzate Ram´ırez, Francisco J avier Gonzalez Ruiz, Gerardo Arteaga Cardenas, Mar´ıa Alexandra Lopez Polanco, Eduardo Alberto Gonzalez Escudero, Edgar Garc´ıa Cruz, Luis Augusto Baeza Herrera, Luis Efren Santos Mart´ınez
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Modelling Epidemics: a Perspective on Mathematical Models and Their Use

- Pp. 207-237 (31)
Jorge X. Velasco-Hernandez*
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Data Science: A Useful Tool for Understanding SARS-CoV-2 Information Facts

- Pp. 238-275 (38)
Nicandro Cruz-Ram´ırez, Guillermo-de-Jesus Hoyos-Rivera*, Sonia-Lilia Mestizo-Gutierrez, Horacio Tapia-McClung
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Epidemic Progression in a Heterogeneously Distributed Population

- Pp. 276-317 (42)
Malay Banerjee, Samiran Ghosh, Vitaly Volpert*
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Social Inequalities in COVID-19

- Pp. 318-384 (67)
Jorge Bacallao Gallestey, Alfonso Casado Collado*
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Statistical Approaches to Understand COVID-19 Severity and Fatality

- Pp. 385-434 (50)
A.H. Seuc*, E. Mertens, J.L. Pe ˜nalvo
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Understanding the Impact of Cuban Immunotherapy Protocols During COVID-19 Disease: Contributions from Mathematical Modeling and Statistical Approaches

- Pp. 435-467 (33)
K. Garc´ıa-Mart´ınez*, P. L. Luaces-A´ lvarez, L. Sa´nchez-Valde´s, K. Le´on-Monz´on, T. Crombet-Ramos, R. P´erez-Rodr´ıguez
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Vaccines Against SARS-CoV-2. Eradicating COVID-19

- Pp. 468-518 (51)
Barbara Dema, Sthefany Pagliari, Arturo Reyes-Sandoval*
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Appendix: COVID-19 in charts

- Pp. 519-531 (13)
Andrés Fraguela-Collar
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Subject Index

- Pp. 532-548 (17)
Andrés Fraguela-Collar
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