Editors: Eugenio Daniel Martinez-Hurtado, Monica Sanjuan-Alvarez, Marta Chacon-Castillo

Series Title: Recent Advances in Anesthesiology

​Obstetric Anesthesia: Clinical Updates

Volume 4

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ISBN: 978-981-5051-85-8 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2022
DOI: 10.2174/97898150518411220401


In recent years, we have witnessed significant advances in obstetric anesthesia, providing greater safety for the mother and the fetus, as well as an improvement in pain management procedures during labor.

This volume presents updates in obstetrics and gynecology that are reflective of the changes in the demographics and associated clinical presentations of gynecological pathologies. It compiles state of the art information on the subject in 20 chapters contributed by more than 50 experts in obstetric anesthesia. The main objective of this volume is to inform and update readers about the different aspects essential to the practice of anesthesia and analgesia during pregnancy, labor, cesarean section and puerperium. The contents also include information about the management of pregnant women with different pathologies and high-risk pregnancies.

The authors believe that it is essential for all anesthesiologists to be aware of the latest advances and well-contrasted scientific evidence that will allow them to carry out their usual clinical activity.

The volume approaches the subject in a clear and didactic way for the benefit of all professionals involved in this field, including anesthesiologists, gynecologists, obstetricians, surgeons, clinicians and allied healthcare service providers.


Anesthesiology, gynecology and obstetrics residents, trainees and surgeons; allied clinical staff.


- Pp. i
Eugenio Daniel Martínez Hurtado, Monica San Juan Álvarez, Marta Chacón Castillo
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List of Contributors

- Pp. ii

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Fetomaternal Physiology: Physiological Changes during Pregnancy

- Pp. 1-13 (13)
Adriana Carolina Orozco Vinasco*, Mónica San Juan Álvarez, David Orozco Vinasco
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Safety in the Obstetric Patient: Simulation Training for Anesthesiologists in the Obstetrics Field

- Pp. 14-32 (19)
Pilar Hernández Pinto*, Marta López Doueil, Rodrigo Sancho Carrancho, Marta María Galnares Gómez
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Airway Management in Pregnancy

- Pp. 33-56 (24)
Eugenio D. Martinez Hurtado*, Laura Reviriego Agudo, Pedro Charco Mora, Miguel Ángel Fernández Vaquero, María Gómez Rojo
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Anesthesia for Fetal Surgery

- Pp. 57-66 (10)
Marta Chacón Castillo*, Natalia Martos Gisbert, Adriana Orozco Vinasco
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Regional and Parenteral Analgesia in Labour

- Pp. 67-84 (18)
Monir Kabiri Sacramento*, Javier Alcázar Esteras, Patricia Alfaro de la Torre, Miriam Sánchez Merchante
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Local Anesthetics and Adjuvants for Labor: Local Anesthetic Systemic Toxicity

- Pp. 85-99 (15)
Patricia Alfaro de la Torre*, Monir Kabiri Sacramento, Irene Riquelme Osado, Rosa Fernández García
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Anesthesia for Cesarean Section

- Pp. 100-110 (11)
Mónica San Juan Álvarez*, Adriana Orozco Vinasco, Marta Chacón Castillo, Juan José Correa Barrera
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Locoregional Anesthesia Comments in the Obstetric Patient and Eventual Complications

- Pp. 111-131 (21)
María Mercedes García Domínguez*, Carlos Hugo S alazar Zamorano, Eugenio Martínez Hurtado, Miriam Sánchez Merchante
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Uterotonic Agents

- Pp. 132-145 (14)
Juan José Correa Barrera*, Blanca Gómez del Pulgar Vázquez, Adriana Orozco Vinasco, Enrique Alonso Rodríguez
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Anesthesia for Non-Obstetric Surgery in Pregnancy

- Pp. 146-160 (15)
Irene González del Pozo*, Inés Almagro Vidal, Paula Agostina Vullo
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Anesthetic Management of the Pregnant Patient with Comorbidities

- Pp. 161-175 (15)
Anna Pascual Carreño*, Aleix Clusella Moya, Mireia Pozo Albiol, Eva Maria Blazquez Gomez, Esperanza Martin Mateos
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Anesthetic Management of Pregnant Patients with Infectious Disease

- Pp. 176-193 (18)
Serafín Alonso Vila*, Elena Suárez Edo, Elena Sánchez Royo, Anna Conesa Marieges, Susana Manrique Muñoz
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Obstetric Hemorrhage

- Pp. 194-203 (10)
María de la Flor Robledo*, Pablo Solís Muñoz
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Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy

- Pp. 204-257 (54)
Eugenio D. Martinez Hurtado*, Míriam Sánchez Merchante
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Air and Amniotic Fluid Embolism

- Pp. 258-267 (10)
Clara Isabel Fernandez Sánchez*, Adriana Carolina Orozco Vinasco, Monica San Juan Alvarez, Marta Chacón Castillo
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Postoperative Management of Postnatal Complications

- Pp. 268-282 (15)
Ligia María Pérez Cubías*, Yobanys Rodríguez Téllez, Carolina Forero Cortés, Clara Hernández Cera
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Analgesia after Labor and Cesarean Section: Chronic Pain after Pregnancy

- Pp. 283-304 (22)
Carmen Gomar Sancho*, Ana Plaza Moral, Marina Vendrell Jordà, Antonio López Hernández, Irene León Carsí
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Anesthesia for Assisted Reproduction

- Pp. 305-321 (17)
Montserrat Franco Cabrera*, Daniel Vieyra Cortés, Aniza S. González Lumbreras, Luis Humberto García Lorant
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Anesthetic Management for External Cephalic Version

- Pp. 322-332 (11)
María Luz Serrano Rodriguez*, Sara Hervilla Ezquerra, Laura Fernandez Tellez, Andrea Alejandra Rodriguez Esteve, Marta Chacon Castillo
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Mindfulness-Based Interventions during Pregnancy and Labour

- Pp. 333-380 (48)
Míriam Sánchez Merchante*, Eugenio D. Martinez Hurtado
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Subject Index

- Pp. 381-386 (6)
Eugenio Daniel Martinez-Hurtado, Monica Sanjuan-Alvarez, Marta Chacon-Castillo
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