Editors: Ashutosh Gupta, Shampi Jain, Neeraj Verma

Industrial Applications of Soil Microbes

Volume 1

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Year of Publication: 2022
DOI: 10.2174/97898150399551220101


This volume is a compilation of reviews on the industrial usage of soil microorganisms. The contents include 15 brief reviews on different soil microbe assisted industrial processes. Readers will be updated about recent applications of soil bacteria, fungi and algae in sectors such as agriculture, biotechnology, environmental management.

The reviews also cover special topics like sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, ecology, and intellectual property rights of patented strains, giving a broad perspective on industrial applications of soil microbes. The text is easy to understand for readers of all levels, with references provided for the benefit of advanced readers.


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Abdul Samad
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Ashutosh Gupta, Shampi Jain, Neeraj Verma
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Ashutosh Gupta, Shampi Jain, Neeraj Verma
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List of Contributors

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Soil Bacteria- Our Allies in Building Soil Health

- Pp. 1-38 (38)
Sneha S. Nair, Prabha Susan Philip*, K.S. Karthika
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An Industrial Diligence of Behooveful Soil Microorganisms

- Pp. 39-58 (20)
Someshree S. Mane*, Pravin B. Khaire, Sandesh V. Pawar
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Industrial Aspects of Microbes

- Pp. 59-76 (18)
B.J. Yogesh*, d S. Bharathi
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Soil Microbes: Role in Agriculture Sustainability

- Pp. 77-89 (13)
Kishor Chand Kumhar, Ramesh Nath Gupta*
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Climate Change and its Influence on Soil Microbial Community

- Pp. 90-102 (13)
Jitendra Kumar*, Nishant K. Sinha, M. Mohanty, Alka Rani, R.S. Chaudhary, Avinash Pandey
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Prospects of Microbes in Organic Farming under the Scenario of Climate Change

- Pp. 103-112 (10)
Priyanka Chandra*, Parul Sundha, Rinki, Pooja Verma, Savitha Santosh, Vanita Pandey
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Dynamic Interplay of Soil and Microbes for Sustainable Ecological Balance

- Pp. 113-120 (8)
Ashwini A. Waoo, Shivangi Agnihotri
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Degradation of Hazardous Organic and Inorganic Waste by Microorganisms

- Pp. 121-132 (12)
Arbind Kumar Gupta*, Deo Kumar, Atik Ahamad
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Soil Microbe-Mediated Bioremediation: Mechanisms and Applications in Soil Science

- Pp. 133-150 (18)
Anandkumar Naorem*, Shiva Kumar Udayana, Jaison Maverick, Sachin Patel
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Role of Soil Microbes in Sustainable Development: Nutrient Transformation, Bioremediation, and Biodeterioration

- Pp. 151-179 (29)
Anurag Singh, Shreya Kapoor, Priya Bhatia, Sanjay Gupta, Nidhi S. Chandra, Vandana Gupta*
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Azolla: A Better Prospective for Biological Nitrogen Fixation and Sustainable Agriculture in Era of Climate Change

- Pp. 180-191 (12)
Priyanka Chandra*, Parul Sundha, Rinki, Pooja Verma, Savitha Santosh, Vanita Pandey
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Management of Plant-parasitic Nematodes Infesting Pomegranate and Guava

- Pp. 192-204 (13)
B.S. Chandrawat, Harshraj Kanwar, Rashid Pervez*, A. U. Siddiqui
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Nematode Pests of Plantation Crops

- Pp. 205-209 (5)
Rashid Pervez*, Raj Kumar
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Nanotechnology Mediated Soil Microorganisms

- Pp. 210-235 (26)
F. Ahmad, S. Ahmad*
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Intellectual Property Rights, Regulatory Laws, WTO, and its Impact

- Pp. 236-263 (28)
Bineeta Devi, Ashutosh Kumar*, K.R. Maurya
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Subject Index

- Pp. 264-279 (16)
Ashutosh Gupta, Shampi Jain, Neeraj Verma
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