Editors: Shahid Ali Khan, Saad Salman, Youssef O. Al-Ghamdi

Nanotherapeutic Strategies and New Pharmaceuticals (Part 2)

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ISBN: 978-981-5036-73-2 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2021
DOI: 10.2174/97898150367251210101


Advances in technology have enabled medicinal chemists to discover and formulate several highly specific, biocompatible, and non-toxic therapeutic agents for clinical applications. Nanotechnology has achieved significant progress in the last few decades and is crucial in every field of science and technology. Nanotechnology-based pharmaceuticals offer multifaceted and alternative methodologies in comparison to the limitations of many conventional clinical therapies. Expertise in designing and developing nanoformulations has helped in targeted drug delivery. Recently, the use of innovative therapeutic agents, particularly in nanomedicine, has accounted for a significant portion of the global pharmaceutical market and is predicted to continue to grow rapidly in the near future. Nanotherapeutic Strategies and New Pharmaceuticals is an accessible multi-part reference which informs the reader about several new techniques based on nanotechnology. The chapters explain relevant topics in detail. The book is designed to encourage and help undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students in the field of nanotherapeutics, pharmaceuticals and bio-organic chemistry through the use of didactic language and simple illustrations. Part 2 of this book covers the potential of nanotherapeutics and natural therapies for treating neurological diseases, targeting ion channels, signal transduction therapy, gene therapy of single gene mutation diseases and for nanoformulations for special purposes such as wound healing and stimuli-responsive drug delivery. The book also features a chapter that summarizes the types of nanoparticles tailored for specific molecular targets that mediate different diseases. The book set serves as a textbook for students in pharmacology and medical biochemistry, as well as a quick reference for researchers on bio-organic chemistry, as well as general readers interested in nanomedicine.

Audience: Students in pharmacology and medical biochemistry, researchers in bio-organic chemistry, general readers interested in nanomedicine


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Shahid Ali Khan, Saad Salman, Youssef O. Al-Ghamdi
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Nanotherapeutics for Treatment of Neurological Disorders

- Pp. 1-15 (15)
Phoebe Wilson*
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Molecular Mechanism of Therapeutic Actions of Some Nanoparticles in Some Diseases

- Pp. 16-71 (56)
Bello Aminu Bello*, Ibrahim Khalil Adam, Sani S. Usman, Yahaya Saidu Gwarzo, Luqman Shah, Fatima Sulaiman Abdullahi
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Nanotherapeutics for the Treatment of Voltage Gated Ion Channels

- Pp. 72-91 (20)
Fahad Hassan Shah, Song Ja Kim*, Muniba Tariq, Sifeng Lucy Chen, Zunaira Afzal, Maham Chaudry, Saad Salman, Hassan A. Hemeg, Shahid Ali Khan
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Stimuli Responsive Hydrogels Composites for Control Drug Delivery

- Pp. 92-112 (21)
Zubair Ahmad, Shahid Ali Khan*, Youssef O. Al-Ghamdi, Waseeq Ur Rehman, Syed Muhammad Mukarram Shah, Yasir Anwar, Noureen Khan, Saad Salman
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Polymeric Nanofibers for Wound Dressing Applications

- Pp. 113-141 (29)
Abid Mehmood Yousaf*, Yasser Shahzad, Fakhar Ud Din, Qurrat ul Ain Yousafi, Talib Hussain, Muhammad Usman Ghori, Syed A. A. Rizvi
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Nano-therapeutics of Flavonoids-loaded Polymeric Drug Delivery Systems

- Pp. 142-160 (19)
Fazle Rabbi*, Fahim Ullah Khan, Imad Ahmad, Amna Nisar
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ADHD Comorbid to Substance Use Disorder: A Review of Genetics, Neurobiology, Brain Circuitry, and Nanotherapeutics

- Pp. 161-206 (46)
Fahad Hassan Shah, Song Ja Kim*, Laiba Wasim, Shanza Nageen, Fakhra Sibtain, Muniba Tariq, Sajid Asghar, Saad Salman*
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Sodium Channelopathies and Novel Viral/non-viral Vectors for their Gene Therapy

- Pp. 207-231 (25)
Jawaria Idrees, Fahad Hassan Shah, Song Ja Kim, Muniba Tariq, Syed Haroon Khalid, Ikram Ullah Khan, Sajid Asghar, Saad Salman*
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Gene Therapy and Editing for the Treatment of Single-Gene Pain Disorders

- Pp. 232-260 (29)
Fahad Hassan Shah, Song Ja Kim*, Jawaria Idrees, Muniba Tariq, Syed Haroon Khalid, Ikram Ullah Khan, Sajid Asghar, Saad Salman*
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Subject Index

- Pp. 261-267 (7)

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