Editors: Swarnlata Saraf, Ram Kumar Sahu, Vivek Dave

Advanced Pharmaceutical and Herbal Nanoscience for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems Part I

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ISBN: 978-981-5036-52-7 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2022
DOI: 10.2174/97898150365101220101


This 2-part reference informs readers about the application of drug delivery technologies to herbal medicines. Chapters cover a broad range of major topics on the subject of targeted drug delivery systems. These topics include the application of drug delivery systems for herbal nanomedicines, drug development issues, emerging technologies, adaptations for clinical use, market prospects and challenges of industrial commercialization. Chapters have been contributed by several experts in pharmaceutical chemistry and blend theoretical knowledge with practical aspects of drug delivery.

Part I covers the following topics:

- Introduction to nanotechnology and herbal-based nanoparticulate systems

- Nucleic acid-based therapeutic drug delivery systems

- Herbal bioactives: a booster dose for advanced pharmaceutical nanoscience

- Pulmonary nano-drug delivery systems

- Application of nano-drug delivery systems in improving the therapeutic efficacy of bioactive natural products

- PEGylated liposomes

- Insulin liposomes

- Aquasomes: a promising novel drug carrier

- Nanoparticle-aided herbal drugs: therapeutic implications on cholinergic dysfunction with relevance to Alzheimer’s disease

- Vitamins based nanomedicine approach

- Recent advances in tumor targeting drug delivery systems: fundamentals of advanced pharmaceutical nanoscience

- Niosomes: a revolutionary progress in the field of pharmaceutical sciences

- Infectious diseases: pharmaceutical nanoscience for targeted drug delivery

This reference is a valuable resource for scholars that creates awareness of novel drug delivery systems as well as their promising applications in drug targeting, and nanotherapeutics for specific diseases.


Nanoscience knowledge has been developed exponentially over the last 20 years. We now have a much clearer understanding of novel drug delivery system technologies. The improvement of herbal nanoscience technology has accepted the creation of a new novel drug delivery system that uses physical enhancers for many of the mentioned therapeutical applications.

The aim of the book entitled "Advanced Pharmaceutical Herbal Nanoscience:Targeted Drug Delivery System" is to offer an understanding of various herbal novel drug delivery systems, their preparations, characterisation and exciting range of applications. Herbal nanoscience targeted drug delivery system demands a broad range of awareness in novel drug delivery systems. It is very important to have detailed knowledge and awareness of new technology or new process about the various herbal nanoscience products and their composition. The awareness of knowledge about the properties of various herbal constituents of a nanoformulation is also very important because it decides the determination of the formulation of the delivery systems and broadly ensures its properties. This book covers a broad spectrum of herbal nanoscience topics required for appropriately providing formulation procedures, evaluation and applications of herbal drug delivery systems and correlate it with treating many diseases. The book not only focuses on theoretical knowledge but also considers its practical aspects. The book is quite beneficial for students and researchers across the globe who are indulged in the reading and investigation of advanced pharmaceutical herbal nanoscience and related nanotechnology.

This book offers an overview of the latest trends in advanced pharmaceutical herbal anoscience targeted drug delivery system. The book covers research targets at various hierarchical levels of herbal novel drug delivery systems, from the nano molecular level up to the psychological implications. The richness of the information and the coverage of the topics are the strengths of this book, which offers the informed reader a mixture of the herbal delivery system in vivid disease and new technology in advanced pharmaceutical herbal nanoscience targeted drug delivery system. In this book, the current volume should be considered useful to stimulate innovative interdisciplinary research pathways.

The contributors to this text have been directed to emphasize updates on above mentioned herbal nanoscience technologies involved in therapeutic applications. Authors were selected due to their knowledge and reputation in their subject area and for their ability to address the topics of this book objectively. I strongly feel that this addition to literature will be particularly useful to undergraduate pharmacy/post-graduate pharmacy students/scientists/industry/ academics. The book will serve as a sound source of systematic information for the herbal nanoscience targeted drug delivery system.

Prof. V.K. Dixit
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Dr. H.S. Gour University,
Sagar, Madhya Pradesh,