Authors: Tahmeena Khan, Abdul Rahman Khan, Saman Raza, Iqbal Azad, Alfred J. Lawrence

Medicinal and Environmental Chemistry: Experimental Advances and Simulated Strategies for Effective Application Part 2

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ISBN: 978-981-4998-31-4 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2021
DOI: 10.2174/97898149983071210101


Medicinal and Environmental Chemistry: Experimental Advances and Simulations is a collection of topics that highlight the use of pharmaceutical chemistry to assess the environment or make drug design and chemical testing more environment friendly.

The eleven chapters included in the second part of this book set cover diverse topics, blending the fields of environmental chemistry and medicinal chemistry and have been authored by experts, scientists and academicians from renowned institutions. This part is more specialized in nature, focusing primarily on the effects of air pollution and water contamination on human health. Chapters covering pharmaceutical interventions and pollution control measures, respectively follow these initial topics.

Part II also features specialized topics that aim to address some unique challenges of the above mentioned problems including antibiotic pollution, pharmaceutical analysis of pollutants, chemosensors, biosteric modifications and new drug development strategies against SARS-CoV2.

Key Features:

  • - 11 topics which blend environmental chemistry and medicinal chemistry
  • - Contributions from more than 40 experts
  • - Includes topics covering effects of air pollution on human health and disease
  • - Includes specialized topics on pharmaceutical analysis in the environment, and modifications of compounds for pharmaceutical purposes
  • - Bibliographic references

This reference is an essential source of information for readers and scholars involved in environmental chemistry, pollution management and pharmaceutical chemistry courses at graduate and undergraduate levels. Professionals and students involved in occupational medicine will also benefit from the wide range of topics covered.


In recent years, our environment has deteriorated at an alarming rate. Be it the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the food we eat—the hazards are hitting closer to home. Consequently, there has been a deluge of diseases and disorders associated with environmental pollution, industrialization, lifestyle changes, etc. From cardiovascular diseases and growth defects to neurological disorders and stress, these environmental diseases have been coupled with other environmental threats like pollution, climate change, food shortage, and novel infections and have made the study of environmental chemistry indispensable in present times. In the development of more effective and safer therapies that would cater to diseases both old and new, the study of medicinal chemistry is vital to determine accurate knowledge of drugs, their structure, synthesis, pharmacology, and pharmacokinetics.

Environmental diseases have brought about a close association between these two branches of chemistry as well as pharmaceutical chemistry. It gives me great pleasure that this book brings them together on one platform. This book aims to provide a better comprehension of environmental problems as well as remedial strategies to amend them and includes an assorted collection of topics presented by experts from academia, research, and development.

I think that the authors can be confident that readers will gain a broader perspective of the disciplines of environmental chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and pharmaceutical chemistry as a result of their efforts.

Imran Ahmad
Jina Pharmaceuticals Inc.


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